Wednesday, February 22, 2006


This is a really cute picture of Daphne & I from this evening.

Slept in today, and then eventually we got our act together and left the house.
We headed on the road to Ottawa, finally arriving just shortly after 2pm. We parked the car, and then used the washroom at Chapters downtown. We checked out the Photography Museum - a small exhibit going on there right now, photographs by Sunil Gupta. There was a second smaller exhibit going as well - we checked everything out. It was all 'just okay'. Nothing that impressive.
After that Daphne took some pictures by the Parliament Building, then we headed back to the car. I took her for Beaver Tails, a Canadian fattening snack, and we shared a chocolate banana one. Delicious. Then she wanted a McFish at McDonalds - (she's vegetarian) and so we got her that.
Afer the Rideau area, we headed over to Michaels just off Greenbank. I didn't even realize how close it was to where all my friends used to live (or where their parents still live!) I used to visit friends just off Greenbank ALL THE TIME! Anyhow, *I WISH* we had Michaels here in Montreal, but there are no plans of any ever coming here. Too bad. So sad. I had a field day in there - even though they didn't have the 2 items I was looking for. I did manage to buy a BUNCH of other things though.
After Michaels we headed back home. I am now zonked from driving 4 hours (2 hours each way) from Montreal to Ottawa and back. ZONKED. It's very exhausted. Daphne offered to drive, but she doesn't have an international liscence, and god for bid something should have happened? I didn't feel comfortable.
We went to the pharmacy on the way home and picked up some medication for Daphne as she's still congested and wants to clear that up. She's also got an upset stomach so I gave her some pepto bismol. It helped. She's feeling better now.
Daphne heard from her boyfriend this evening and he's flying into Montreal and he'll be arriving Friday morning at 9:10 am. So I'm going to not go to my Friday morning class, and hopefully I will be able to hand in my assignment tomorrow and leave it in the teacher's lounge. I am too zonked to work on it now, so I will take care of that tomorrow morning. My other sketches that are due tomorrow are 50% done (sketches for my "menu" project - where we have to create a menu for a restaurant of our choice (fictional or real). I am thinking about doing a menu for a "drink bar" .... It's an idea.
I just got the most amazing massage from Daphne. OH MY GOD! Heaven. My neck and my back were so tense, and my neck was killing me. But now ... NOTHING! Now, it feels fantastic. My body is in heaven! And she didn't even mind giving me the massage! Who is this girl?! LOL.
Well, I have to get to bed. I've got some homework to finish tomorrow morning, and tomorrow I'm taking Daphne shopping. She wants to go to a few stores (where I get my fabulous earrings, and some clothes) and I want to show her a bit of downtown.

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