Monday, February 06, 2006

HELP?! Creativity Block

So it turns out that my project wasn't due today after all - teacher's can't make up their mind - can they? Anyhow, I am glad that she was able to go over my project with me - she critiqued my 3 parts, 2 of them are okay, the third - my cat on a clothes line is very "first level" thinking. She wants me to spend the week making a new one.... and bringing it up to "third level" of creativity. However - I don't know what to do? Some people in my class have done really dumb things like a flying boat in the sky, and that kind of thing. Laura is drawing a jelly bean jar with prozac pills inside. (Teacher said hers is 2nd level - but that she gets the assignment and won't lose marks for being 2nd level because of the amount of time she's worked on it). Ugh. Anyone have any good ideas for taking something out of it's usual context and placing it somewhere unusual? I'm overtired and not thinking creatively at the moment! Blah!

Good news - they fired our Typography teacher. Not from the school, but from teaching our class. I will find out on Thursday whom my new teacher is - as they are still not sure (apparently it's between 2 people). My concern is the project that is due on Thursday. Do we finish it for Thursday, or will there be an extention due to a new teacher coming in and teaching us? So confused as to what to do.

My Canon Rebel XT was SUPPOSED to be in my hands by today - it was overnighted apparently to me on Friday night. It was indeed sent to me on Friday afternoon and there is no delivery on Saturdays, or Sundays, but it should have been here by now. So I decided to go take a look on Canada Post's website with the tracking number that I was given, and it said that it would be standard delivery for February 7th. STANDARD DELIVERY? WTF!? This is totally not acceptable. I don't understand what is going on here. I am kind of annoyed. Tomorrow is my longest day at school and I will be going ot my Aunt's house for the shiva so I won't even be home. This camera is long overdue to be in my hands. I was told that I'd have it between January 20th and the 27th. Today is February 6th. Way past due. Ugh.

I kind of feel like skipping the gym tonight - blah. I just DON'T FEEL like going at all... but I should go. I really should. I need to force myself out of this house. Ok, I need to go to the post office anyhow, I'm going to go by the gym as well and work my butt off. I need to let out some steam anyhow - just in one of those moods.

Got my 5th postcard from the postcard swap - this one from St. Louis, Missouri, United States from Martha Winger. Very different, and I love it. Let me tell you - I am really enjoying getting mail these days. I can't wait to get my craft swapper's name, so I can send out more mail - and receive some more too! So exciting! I love getting goodies in the mail - don't you?

I also got Elle Canada in the mail today with a renewal notice. 12 issues for 12$ plus taxes. Do I want to resubscribe? I am debating it. The original reason that I got the magazine was for photography school. I was into fashion photography and there was no point for me to keep buying the magazine off the stand for 5.50$ an issue, when I could mail order it and get it for 1$ an issue. So I send in my name and money for a subscription. That was a 2 year commitment coming up and I don't think I want it anymore... I don't really read much in there as there aren't that many good articles, and there's nothing really exciting to collage with either! Ok - I think I made my decision - no renewal. Save myself 12$ plus applicable taxes! I am going to shred the renewal notice/application before I change my mind! Done. Ok, I feel better. I think I made a good decision.

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