Saturday, February 04, 2006

Special Delivery

Once a month, the first Saturday of each month, we get flowers delivered to our house. It was a wedding present from Jamie's step-cousins. Flowers for 6 months. Every month a different arrangement comes. I'm not a flower person, I actually hate them (since they die). (That's why Jamie never buys me flowers!). It's nice to receive them though. We stick them in a gorgeous vase that I have, in our den above the fireplace. I love having a fireplace, so romantic. It's not an allergy thing - I'm just not a flower lover. (I think they're beautiful - but they die fast and I find it's a waste of money).

This morning Jamie & I went to the gym for just over an hour. I did my usual routine, a bit of abs, a cardio machine hardcore for 30 minutes and then cycling on a stationary bike for 30 minutes while reading more pages in the book that I'm STILL trying to finish - Girls' Poker Night. I am more than halfway done now, just got to find more time to read (and more time to crochet, and more time to cook, and more time to clean, and more time for....)

I always feel fantastic after going to the gym! That in itself is motivation.

I am so sad to see my Graflex Crown go - but I had to sell it. It was just sitting in my house in my crawl space, and if I left it there too long, it would be a waste - someone else should enjoy it! I almost made back what I paid for it - which is good, because it was definitely an impulse buy. It was such a good looking camera, that I wish I was so rich that I could have one just on display in my house. But these cameras sell for 200-300$ US depending on the condition and the quality and what accessories you have with it - and I was lucky I got just over 200$ Canadian for it. Exactly what I was expecting.

This evening Jamie & I watched two movies - the first one Redeye and the second one The Man. Both were just okay - but Redeye was better. The Man was also funny - but dumb funny. It was nice just to sit on the couch, watch TV and crochet! There hasn't been a "REALLY GOOD" movie out there lately to see. Anyone have anything to recommend?
Got a call today from my sister that my cousin's grandmother passed away. I didn't know Helen that well - but she was my mom's brother's wife's mother. I am glad that she is not suffering anymore, and my condolences go out to Jenn & her entire family - my other cousins, and my aunt & uncle. I hope that I can make the funeral - but if it's during school hours I don't know if I will be able to attend - as the next 2 weeks are midterm weeks, there are so many things due and so many quizes happening, that class time is crucial. I will however, attend the Shiva - if unable or able to attend the funeral. Again - my deepest condolences. (I already wrote out sympathy cards to 4 addresses and dropped them in the mailbox already, one to Jenn & Yannick, one to my Aunt & Uncle's house, and one to each of my aunt's sisters.)

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