Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Daphne's Here

Got up super early this morning to get to my class on time. I did watch 1 more episode of LOST before going to sleep, but went to bed before midnight last night, so I am very happy about that. But, I'm addicted to LOST.

On my way home, the yarn fairy stopped by again. But this time I think she left the yarn there a while ago and I was just blind to see it. A TON MORE YARN! AHHHH! Are you kidding me? I brought it inside my house - but had to leave to go to pick up Daphne from the train station. I didn't have a chance to go through it - but .... it must be my lucky day... There was more Gedifra in there - I don't know how many exactly, but black Donatella number 2014 (which I believe is discontinued - but I definitely have enough balls for 2 sweaters probably! Also - was a bunch of NORO! (Colour number 22) I found a stock image off the net - as I didn't have time to photograph it yet, but I will soon. It looks like this - but mine looks more stripped with a dark red. I havent counted out how many, but there must be around 8-10 hanks! (I think that's what it's called when it's like this - a hank?) This stash has a high value rate - and GOD BLESS THE YARN FAIRY! It was just my lucky day. There was a bunch of random yarn in there - and well I almost feel like going and returning some other yarn that I bought as I have enough yarn now to last me until 2015 or more! It's crazy. I don't understand it - but it's like I won the lottery or something!

I picked up Daphne and then did a return to Zellers that I had been meaning to do for a while. Phew! Got that checked off my list! We then went for lunch to my favourite place that makes whole wheat pizza and Daphne liked the food there.

We came back, unpacked her stuff, and then I did a few things while she checked her email and emailed her parents. (I folded laundry- fun fun). We had decided to go bowling this evening - but Daphne wasn't feeling to good - so we decided to stay in and watch a movie.
Daphne then napped for about an hour and a half or so, while I did some more stuff around the house.

My sister eventually got here and we watched RENT on DVD. (I bought it today while at Zellers). So my sister and I FINALLY got to see RENT! I LOVED IT! Sang along! Daphne loved it too - it was her first time hearing about it. Well at least now we have something that we both like to listen to on the trip to Ottawa tomorrow. I can't wait!

Daphne brought some goodies for me! She brought me a gel candle, some dried fruits form the Amazon, Brazilian coffee (for Jamie), some Brazilian chocolates - again - for Jamie (I'm not a big chocolate eater). I got fuschia flip flops PERFECTLY in my size - that look kind of purple coloured than fuschia, but not too purple so I tolerate it. They're cute. Brazilian brand flip flops (which I live in during the summer!) I also got 2 music Cd's - one of her mother's music and one of something Portuguese. I'll let you know how they are! It was nice to get some gifts, but she really outdid herself! She's cute! We are getting along great!

I should really get to bed. I'm driving 2 hours to Ottawa and 2 hours back later on! Daphne drives standard cars, but I don't know her well enough to allow her to share the driving, nor will she have insurance, so I would definitely be taking a chance. I don't know if I will allow shared driving. I CAN'T WAIT TO GO TO MICHAEL'S TOMORROW!

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