Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My New Baby: XT!

It's almost midnight, and I'm running on 4 hours of sleep from last night. Here's why:

Last night, after finishing watching 24 on TV with Jamie - I get a phone call from Laura asking me a question on our photoshop assignment that was due this morning. Anyhow, to make a long story short - I only half did the assignment right - and was up until almost 2 am with Laura on the phone doing the assignment correctly. And I got up shortly after 6 am this morning to get my butt to school, and so I am running on no sleep right now.

So I got to class today, no idea how I managed to stay awake in class from 8-3:30pm, but I did. I have an exam in Photoshop next Tuesday, and today was a review for the exam. In our afternoon HTML class we learned how to slice images for the web - apparently one of our toughest classes this semester on information - as shortly we're going to start dreamweaver and it's all going to get easier. Next week we have our 6 page HTML website CV due - and I am glad that he went over mine - I'm going in the right direction.

I am not too sure how I made it home keeping my eyes open. I probably should NOT have been driving. Bad move. But I had to get home. I did a few things around the house this afternoon - very half assed though - slugging my butt around - as I have no energy and no motivation today.

Jamie went to my cousin's grandmother's funeral today, which I feel horrible that I couldn't make (due to school and midterms next week (review this week for them)). I also wanted to go to the shiva tonight, as it was the first night - but just can't make it. I am going to go to the shiva tomorrow - with Jamie tomorrow night after dinner. (Shiva = Jewish mourning period for the immediate family that lasts 1 week - and friends and family go to pay respect. Immediate family that is mourning (mother, father, brother, sister, son or daughter, husband or wife only sit on special mourning chairs).

I got 4 more postcards in the mail today from the postcard swap - which means I only have 1 left to receive! Today's four were awesome cards hailing from the USA, Spain, and Australia!

It was pretty cool to receive a postcard from a blog I read! The above postcard is from Lisa.

The second postcard came from Australia - and from Justine at 62 Cherry. I lovethe texture of the red fabric.

This next simple yet elegant card is from Natascha in Spain!

And my last postcard for today - with my fortune is from Melissa in KY, USA. I love the sewn dog - it's fantastic. It's actually a photograph printed on a postcard - but I think it's beyond me! I can't sew like that!

I got my new baby in the mail last night - she arrived at 9:15pm while I was in the middle of watching 24 on Tv - I didn't mind missing a few seconds of 24 to catch the Canada Post woman! I was so distracted though after 24, that I didn't get a chance to take her out of the box until today. Ain't she gorgeous? She's half the weight of my old Rebel. And she's cute and tiny :) I can't wait to start taking some pictures with her! 8 megapixels! What am I going to do with 8 megapixels??!!! This picture of my new baby was actually taken with my old baby. A Rebel 300D took a picture of a 350D XT - that's kind of funny - if you ask me. So expect some magical pictures in the next little while - I plan to take lots of pictures!
I can tell you that I made dinner tonight - I remember that - so easy - I marinated salmon in a mixture of a few marinades, and then slapped it on a tray and baked it for 18 minutes, during which, I threw an entire broccoli into the steamer for 8 minutes. That was dinner.
I can tell you that I have no idea what I've been doing the entire rest of the evening. No idea. I really can't tell you. I should have gone to bed early - is what I should have done. I know that I spoke to my sister for a few moment briefly about the XT and a problem with lenses (which I got the same ERROR also the first time I tried interchanging lenses) and then freaked out for a little bit that I spent money on a new camera and I can't use any of my other lenses? and then tried again and it worked... Not sure what that was all about....) I can tell you that I spoke to Laura on the phone during the end of the hockey game - because I know that the Sabres beat the Canadiens in overtime...
Other than that.. I have no idea where my evening went? I didn't read. I didn't crochet. I didn't watch TV... I didn't do any homework. I didn't do any laundry. I didn't do and cleaning... it's possible that I was napping sitting up in my office chair. I feel like I haven't moved for hours.
Well - I should get to bed. I have a LONG list of things to do tomorrow during the day, and I want to get to the gym at some point before going to the Shiva after Jamie finishes work. I think as soon as I put my head down on my pillow, I'll be out as a light. (I'm calling it!)

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