Friday, February 24, 2006

Tour Guide Me

I must go play tour guide to Daphne and her boyfriend Marcelos who just arrived from Rio this morning (went to the airport to pick him up about 2 hours ago). We've just been chilling here at my house since we picked him up - I had a few things around the house to do. (Cleaned my bathroom - emptied the garbages - it's garbage day today and I even organized my earring display a littel bit since I had earrings everywhere!) I don't really want to play tour guide, as I know my city, but it gets redundant. I guess it's the sort of thing you have to do with guests from out of town. So I'll stick through it - but I've packed some crochet and some other things to keep me busy, incase they want to linger at any destination.

Anyhow, more later.

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