Thursday, February 16, 2006

Long Day Thursday

This morning in my Quark Express class I actually started working on an assignment for another class, and got a lot of it accomplished (very happy about that). It's due on Tuesday, and I wasn't very sure of how to work on it before but now I'm good to go, and I can work on it. It's an adobe photoshop assignment with Layer Masks, Vector Masks, Adjustment Layers & Clipping Group. Shouldn't take me much longer to actually finish it. I'll probably get working on it during the weekend.

Laura made lunch for the both of us today, that was very sweet of her! It was nice to have a homemade lunch rather than spending money, and I think we're going to rotate bringing lunch - one of us brings on Tuesday and the other one of us brings on Thursday. (Our only 2 days during the week with 2 classes one after another pretty much). She made pasta (whole wheat for me) with sun dried tomato pesto. It was really good. Mmm!

Our afternoon class with our new teacher Andrea was amazing. We really truly learned a lot! I am so very happy about that. We learned more today in class than we've learned all semester long so far with the other teacher Benoit. Benoit did come today for 2 seconds to pick up our Chair project. I wonder what I will get on that - it's still being marked out of 20% of our final mark and not 15% like we were told it may be switched to. I hope that I get a good mark on it - I ended up actually putting work into it in the end. I wonder how long it will take for us to get our mark back on that. No idea. Maybe next week? That would be nice! I hate the waiting period in between handing something in and getting it back!

Tonight I babysat Lucas & Vanessa again, and I brought my camera with me to take pictures but I accidentally left the memory card at home - so I couldn't even take any pictures. I am very disappointed about this - because Vanessa and I made a pink beaded necklace and bracelet set for her, and she put it on and it was very cute and she was just all dressed in pink and so adorable. What a cute kid. Next time I guess I will take a picture - but I wish I could have tonight.

They fed me dinner, and it was so delicious I got the recipe. I will let you know when I try it out if it's any good making it on my own. It was a pasta with a shrimp & garlic sauce. Delicious. I've been very adventurous lately with trying new things, so why not!

I worked on my swatch for the sock I'm knitting, and the kids watched the movie Ice Age. They went to be when told, at the time their mother asked me to put them to bed. Vanessa wasn't really feeling well, but went to bed. At about 11:10pm, while I had the TV on in the background lightly, as I was concentrating on my swatch/gauge (pictures to come tomorrow), Vanessa woke up and started screaming. This was about an hour and a half after they went to bed. She was shaking, she was boiling hot (fever) and screaming/crying on the top of her lungs. I put a wet wash cloth on her to make her feel better and called her parents to come home.

They came home pretty fast - they had gone out for coffee with my parents after going to see Beatlemania here in Montreal.

Anyhow, I have to finish my assignment for class tomorrow, due at 9 am!

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