Wednesday, February 01, 2006

WIP & Another Postcard

This is my current WIP. It's almost 30 inches long! This image only shows a third of it - I wanted to zoom in on the detail. I absolutely love the colours. It's for a possible baby boy's room. I am loving crocheting baby blankets - JUST LOVE IT. I find it very relaxing. I've been working on this while watching a movie, TV, in school before class starts, on break from class, etc.

Got my 2nd postcard from My little Mochi's postcard swap. This one is very cute. It's from Nipper. I love it/ Very cute puppy. She was worried that she can't draw and so she did some digital work - but you know what? I can't draw either - so I collaged mine! I hope people start receiving them. I know Hanna in Sweden has received mine - she posted a comment thanking me. I am glad that she LOVED it! And Carole Browne in B.C. got hers also recently.
I went to Walmart. (EVIL EVIL PLACE). I originally went to find cotton Bernat yarn for the dishtowels I plan on making. Well, I ended up finding other yarn that I liked as well, and the Cotton yarn in like 4 different colours! Argh. And then on my way out, I noticed 3 lonely pairs of pants, which all happened to be in a size Medium (my new size) and well, they were calling my name. Under 20$ a pair, I couldn't say no. (They're black pants that can work as pants or exercise pants - weird, I know). They fit me nice, and I love them. Walmart = evil, evil place.
After Walmart I went to the gym and worked out. Instead of reading my book during my stationary bike session, I spoke to Laura on the phone. The gym was pretty dead, so I didn't mind talking on the phone, it wasn't disrupting anyone. I felt great after my workout, as usual. I love it. This is motivation enough to keep going! I got my first protein shake today after my workout. Andrew who works there, made it for me. Andrew's really funny - he's the one that sold me on extending my membership on Monday.
After, I came home, and worked on some things around the house. Jamie got home after the gym, and I made spaghetti for dinner. I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow - yey! Homemade sauce - mmm! I love it. On whole wheat pasta. Delicious.
Going to go to bed.

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