Monday, February 13, 2006

Strange Delivery Guys

Class was a waste of time. I handed in my assignment at the beginning of class, but I had already finished the assignment that was due today, so I didn't need the class period to work on the project like everyone else in the class who didn't come prepared.

Came home, did a few things around the house, responded to some emails and then headed off to the gym to work out for an hour. I felt so great after going, even though it took some motivation to actually get my ass there!

After the gym, Jamie & I ordered dinner. When it got here, Jamie signed for it - since we put it on his credit card and after the guy left, 30 seconds later our doorbell rings. It's the delivery guy asking if we made a mistake on the tip - asking for more money? WHAT THE HECK? Jamie closed the door in the guy's face. He didn't like what Jamie tipped him - so he asks for more? I've never seen this before, definitely very strange.

We watched 24 at 9pm - boy am I glued to my seat (at the edge of it) for the full hour every week. I can't stop watching it - and hate that there is a week in between!

Well, I should get to bed. Early class tomorrow.

Hopefully Valentine's Day tomorrow will be a more pleasant day - minus my two exam/quizzes! Ugh! (WHICH I DID STUDY FOR! While on the machines at the gym -lol!)

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