Saturday, February 11, 2006

Crochet Hats

Last night I went over to Vera's house - as her boyfriend Sheldon came over to my house to play poker with Jamie and the guys. We had a girl's night in, looked through my wedding photos, looked through her last 2 vacation photos, and had some coconut rum something drinks (I'm not a drinker so I have no idea what was in there or whatnot - I left that up to Vera!)

This is Vera with the scarf that I made her. I had some leftover yarn from something else I was working on, and so I made a scarf for her. She was very happy to receive it - as she was bored of the one scarf that she owns! Glad to make her day! This is my FIRST picture taken with my Rebel XT!

This is me on Vera's couch, she wanted to play around with my new camera. So I let her take a picture of me. Notice the ziploc bag on the couch with yarn on it? It's the project I'm currently working on!

We decided to watch the movie Just Like Heaven with Reece Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo. Mark is HOT HOT HOT! The movie was really cheesy and dumb, but that's exactly what I needed. Something light and didn't have to think about. During the movie, I worked on my blanket that is my current WIP and Vera was like "Well, if you're working on that... then I have a scarf that I started knitting 2 years ago...." and she pulls it out, and started working on it... I am trying to convince her to come on Wednesday night to 2nd Cup for the knitting get together! That would be nice! We'll see if she comes with!

I went back to sleep - slept in past noon. After getting up, I watched the movie Chumscrubber with Jamie. I enjoyed it - however all the characters were messed up! Just the way I like it! Glenn Close, Rory Culkin, Ralph Fiennes, Lauren Holly, Carie-Anne Moss, Allison Janney, Rita Wilson - all excellent actors in this movie. I was very impressed with the cast.

Took a nap after the movie for a bit, and then I got a nice back rub from my hubby, which is rare, so I appreciate them when they come!

Went out to do some errands. While out, I bought the ingredients I needed to make dinner. Dinner was a whole wheat lasagna. I already had the cheese, and the noodles at home, I just needed the ingredients for a homemade sauce (not the same kind as my meat sauce that I made the other day). Came home, made the lasagna. My hubby came home from hockey and we ate the lasagna which was delicious (damn I make a good lasagna) while enjoying some nice Merlot. (Which he had one glass, I enjoyed the rest of the bottle!)

We watched some hockey on TV, (Canadiens were playing) and then after the first period, we watched Survivor, which we had on tape from Thursday night. After Survivor ended, we watched some Olympics (women's mogul skiing or something like that - Miss Heil from Canada got Gold!)

While watching Survivor and the Olympics I started working on a single crochet hat - as I decided that I wanted tonight to be the night that I leared how to make hat. The hat came to me in a dream last night. (I told Jamie yesterday that last night I'd dream of a million dollar idea - and that in the morning I'd have an idea to make us rich - somehow I dreamed of a crochet hat.... but I doubt that will be my million dollar idea?) I am not sure if I am doing it right - but I am going to see if my cousin Jenn has any pointers tomorrow when I see her, I'll throw the hat I started working on in my purse, and bring it along. I'll steal her into a private room (at her mother's house) and ask her opinion! (so Jenn - beware! I'm stealing you for a few minutes tomrorow!)

Ok, I'm about go to pick a movie, and crawl into bed with Jamie.

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