Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Today I decided that I wanted to feel like a Diva after seeing this ring. This ring was purchased on my little outing when I needed to get garlic powder, onion powder.
After getting back from the strip mall near my house, I sat down and decided to start working on my typography project that was due last Thursday, which I have to hand in tomorrow. (It's the only assignment that I had to do for my last teacher, the one they got rid of from teaching us. Apparently he's still marking our first assignment). I think I did a kick ass job. We had to make the word chair look elegant, then comfy and then efficient.
I actually got some laundry done this afternoon - but I feel like the laundry is just never ending. I was running out of panties (giggle) so I had to do some laundry! I feel better than I got 3 loads accomplished today.
Tonight I went to meet my cousin Jenn and her fiance Yannick at the 2nd Cup where the knit meeting happened tonight. We went for dinner first, to this little bread shop across the street from 2nd Cup and had delicious wraps for dinner. I also had a little salad and after squeeky cheese (I love squeeky cheese!).
The knit meetup was fun. I worked a little on a swatch for my socks that I will eventually knit. I am thinking about switching DPN to a smaller size (from 3.25 to 2.5) and will start on that tomorrow. I got frustrated with that a little at the cafe, so I started working a bit more on my blanket that I'm crocheting. Well - little did I realize (after 5 of 6 skeins) that it started decreasing. So - me - being a perfectionist that I am - I am HONESTLY thinking about frogging it and restarting. I think I just might. It was a little too long anyhow, I which it would have been maybe a few inches shorter. I think frogging it will be my solution. No choice. No deadline - so why not. I was making it for fun. No babies to give it to yet! Met some new people at the knit meeting who weren't there last time I went. It's really neat to meet new people - I love it.
Just got in from the knit meeting and I'm going to go into bed and watch some TV and frog my blanket. Hopefully I won't still be angry at it tomorrow, so I can re-start working on it.
Tomorrow we get to meet our new Typography teacher and actually have her as a teacher for the entire class (last week we just got introduced to her). Should be interesting.
Tomorrow night I'm babysitting my dad's best friend's kids, as they are going with my parents to see Beatlemania here in Montreal. I'll probably bring along my crochet or knitting projects! Can't wait!

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