Sunday, February 12, 2006

My Ugly Bathroom

Huge problems with my bathroom ceiling. I woke up this morning to find my husband scrapping in the bathroom trying to figure out what was wrong with the ceiling. Looks really bad. We're having someone look at them, so hopefully we'll figure out what's wrong - soon. And while we're at it - if we're getting the ceiling fixed, I'd like new tiles for the floor. That's the plan.

After getting up, I did a few things around my office for a couple of hours, not too sure where time went. Eventually I got into the shower and then did an errand on my way to the west. I went straight to my Aunt's house - where the shiva was taking place - as my parents were there already, and I was going to help serve dinner. I showed my aunt & cousin Jenn my hat that I'm crocheting (trying to anyhow) and figured out that I'm doing it right! It's just a test (sample) but it's working out correctly, so I am very happy about that. I will photograph it shortly. I keep forgetting and now I'm too tried.

I helped serve, even though there was plenty of other people serving, and chatted with my cousins, which was nice. I hope Jenn will come with me on Wednesday night to the knitting meeting at Second Cup.

My Aunt has the craziest SCRAPBOOKING CLOSET in her little den. I LOVE IT. I know where to go now when I need some supplies, lol...

After leaving my Aunt's house, I had dinner with my parents and brother & sister. It was actually nice, just the five of us, no significant others, and no husband of mine. We ordered in pasta, which my brother & I picked up, and it was delicious. I won't say no to pasta! Whole wheat pasta nonetheless.

I stayed for Desperate Housewives, then went home while my hubby taped Grey's Anatomy for me. Watched Grey's Anatomy at 11pm while straightening my hair with my lovely ceramic hair straightner curtosey of my sister (I LOVE IT - CANT LIVE WITHOUT IT!)

Get to sleep in a bit tomorrow, for my class is only at noon. I do have some errands to do in the morning, so I don't want to sleep in tooooo long! I can't believe I didn't crochet a single stitch today... I guess my hands needed a break, but oh well. Tomorrow!

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