Sunday, February 26, 2006


Zeus taking a lazy Sunday. Sometimes I wish I were a cat!

Last night I stupidely opened a link on MSN from my brother's girlfriend. I thought it sounded pretty cool "Find out who's blocked you on MSN" and then when you install it - it's a VIRUS! Ugh... so I immediately uninstalled it, and did a scan of my computer with Symantec. Nothing was found? What? This virus couldn't even be detected by my anti-virus? Maybe it's not such a good anti-virus? I will look into that. Anyhow, this morning I did a system restore to yesterday afternoon before this even happened, and so far so good.
A GOOD THING ABOUT THIS VIRUS, though, is that while it was searching my computer, I happened to see that it was searching through a file folder that had some pictures that I had been looking for, for a while now. Pictures that I thought were backed up on a CD or DVD and long gone..... I was sure I would never have thrown them out without backing them up, so I had no idea where they went! I always back up my work and was shocked that I had NO idea where they went. So I did a search on my computer for the name of the file folder that Symantec was looking through, and found my images. I EVEN found 10 other folders of photoshoots that I swore I had on DVD back up somewhere, but just couldn't find! WELL - It's FOUND! YEY! Oh my god - was I jumping of joy last night when I found it! I couldn't believe it. I was already at the point where I was accepting the fact that it was gone, and never to be retrieved again (unless some where scanned via negative back into a digital file, but some were digitally taken, and gone forever- or so I thought!) JUST MY NIGHT! I was having a really shitty night last night, until I found my files!
Jamie & I watched Survivor from Thursday night which I had on tape, and then we watched the movie The Skeleton Key with Kate Hudson. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be, and it was well written - but very far fetching. But it definitely kept us entertained! I worked on the blanket that I'm crocheting, and actually finished all the balls of yarn that I have for it. (8 balls of yarn). I am debating whether to pick up another 2 balls to finish it off a little larger or not. If not I will leave it as is - but I am still debating. I can always pick up yarn on the way to my parents house today, there is a store near them that carries it - or I could go out near me, there is one place not too far. This "baby" blanket is far more larger than the last few that I've made, but I love it. And hopefully one day, a son of mine will love it to. I am making it to put away for a future child of mine! Hopefully I will have at least one boy and one girl (I want three children and at least one of each!)
Today I got woken up by Daphne's father - he thought she was still here and I've been doing stuff on my computer ever since I woke up. I am trying to get Quark Express to work, so that I can finish my work that is due this week. I am having issues with my version of the software, and I don't think I have the older outdated version, so I may have issues. I need to get this work done. I have one thing I need to work on for tomorrow, one for Thursday and one for Friday. As long as I get the stuff for tomorrow done, then I'm all good. Because then I have until Wednesday (my day off) to figure out the rest of the week's work. I am going to manage (get by!)
I can't wait for Wednesday night's knitting meet up. I don't know why I am so excited to go? But I am! Maybe it's because it's something out of the house, and I'm just excited to go! I want to start trying to go regularly to their meetings - every other Wendesday. I am going to convince my cousin Jenn to come with me!
Nothing else yet noteworthy coming up this week. I don't know if I mentioned it, but I was selected to be a jury member for ELLE CANADA Magazine! I will receive a package of Beauty Products in the mail (YEY FOR FREE STUFF!) in about a month, and I will then have 10 weeks to test them out and mail back my opinion. HOW COOL IS THAT! I am rather excited that I got chosen. I had to sign a paper and mail it back, so that's off in the mail right now, to their Montreal head office. I am so excited to do this - and I'm wondering what kind and how many products they will send me!? I guess I will have to wait and see. It won't be until April 10th around, the letter says.
Alright, gotta tackle chores!

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