Thursday, February 09, 2006

Parting With Old Stuff

My camera finally made it to Australia. I sold it on ebay, and the guy left me feedback on ebay. I am glad he got his camera safe and sound. I was sad to see it go - but you know what - I have absolitely NO use for it right now, and it was just sitting in my crawl space taking up space and "collecting dust" (the box it was in was collecting dust - not the actually camera! Heck no!) Anyhow, I am very sad to see it go- but it served me well and now it's time for it to serve someone else very well.
I love this image from Bust Magazine on knitting - I have it as my destkop image on my computer.
- What a long day today. Got up early to go to my Quark Express class and had an exam. She was only going to give us 1 hour and a half to do it - but she ended up giving us 3 hours to do the exam. I didn't need the full 3 hours, so it was all good. I know I passed the exam with flying colours, however there is one thing I know I forgot to include in my layout, so I will lose .5 on whatever it's worth for missing out on a detail, but she said not to worry about it. There was a little confusion and a little mix-up, but I am not worried. It was easy and 1-2-3.... so easy! It was just basically a simple layout that we had to re-create. I don't know why we're not using InDesign, but I find Quark Express so damn boring!
In our afternoon class - guess who showed up? BENOIT! I thought he was fired from teaching us???????? It turns out that Benoit was wrapping up the last class today, and Andrea, our new teacher, whom we were introduced to today, will be taking over next week. And the assignment that was supposed to be due today - was actually due today. I didn't finish it, because I thought that we were having a new teacher and that she was taking over, and that we could go over the assignment with her - to see where she wanted us to take that assignment. BUT NO. I sat through 3 hours today of surfing the internet, while Benoit attempted to teach us in Quark Express on typography. I literally didn't pay attention, because we're having a new teacher for the rest of the semester starting next week - why should I even bother listening to what this guy has to say, because our new teacher will have a different approach to things, and have her way of teaching us what is necessary for her projects. Bad attitude, I know, but I don't care. I just couldn't stand the sound of Benoit's voice. It's a good thing that our assignment is now worth only 15% of our final mark, instead of the original 20% it was worth. Good. I don't mind. And apparently we're supposed to lose 10% off the assignment for being late, but since it's half our fault and half the school's fault (For switching teachers and not telling us that the assignemnt was still due with this teacher) he's thinking about meeting us half way, and we'll only lose 5% off the assignment, so which means I'll be starting with a mark out of 14.25 instead of out of 15. That's fine by me. Losing .75% of my final grade won't make a difference to me.
YEY! Jenn's getting married - lol. It was officially announced in the Gazette. I can't wait to be a bridesmaid! I am soooo excited. CONGRATS JENN & YANNICK - this is a really nice picture of the two of you by the way! I erased last names in photoshop to protect identities, just incase, since it's not me that the article is about - I don't think other parties involved wanted names published on the web! Better safe than sorry!

Tonight I had Iris over and we had dinner together and we went over her photographs as she's applying to two different photography schools here in Montreal, and she wanted my opinion, so I gave her my honest opinion. I liked some and some were just not what I would use for a photograph entry portfolio. You know? Anyhow, it was good to see her, and she also bought my old Rebel off me tonight. FINALLY - SOLD! Good. Less stress on my shoulders, of paying for my new Rebel XT! It was hard parting with my first professional digital camera, but even though I have a new one, a better one, I'm still attached to my old "baby". It was the first camera that made me start liking digital photgraphy. I kid you not. Although I can't remember the first image I ever took with the Rebel, I do have a lot of good memories with using it - and great memories (PICTURES!)

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