Thursday, November 04, 2010

11.04.10 :: 124 weeks old

Mack is 124 weeks old today.

Baby boy is doing good - placenta is now considered "low lying". It did move a bit more. I am not sure what my doctor thinks of low lying - I will find out when I see her next week - but from what I've "researched" on the web, low-lying praevia could still mean a c-section, depending on your doctor. I'll know more next week, hopefully. I know I am signing my OR paperwork next week, as I still want a Csection regardless the praevia, but not sure we'll be booking a date now that my placenta has moved a smidgen more. My doctor might say "let's wait til your water breaks and the baby is ready to come out to do your Csection instead of interrupting the pregnancy too early and the baby not being ready" (because he's so tiny). I know my doc & the way she feels. So we'll see what happens. From looking up low lying praevia, I believe (but dont quote me, I have to see what my doc says next check up) that I could have a natural birth - if I choose. I think. From my research online - though, who knows how accurate online research is - right? It's better news, though. My placenta is still "down there"and this means there could still be problems with nutrients and baby's growth because the placenta is not supposed to be on the bottom it's supposed to be above the baby in a normal pregnancy. Anyhow, I'm not a doctor... so we'll just have to see what mine says.

Baby boy is estimated at 3 lbs 12 oz right now, (1697g or 1.7 kg) and if I make it to 37 weeks (when my water broke with Mack at 36 weeks 6 days) then he'll be somewhere HOPEFULLY between 5 and a half and 6 lbs - or larger if he bakes longer than that in my belly. (Sean was born at 38 weeks 5 lbs 5 oz, and Mack at 37 weeks at 6 lbs 4 oz, so this guy might just be in between their weights. The Ultrasound tech asked me today if I had small babies, because of the current weight he is now, at almost 33 weeks (I'll be 33 weeks on Sat) and at this point they only gain up to half a pound a week. (So 4 weeks to 37 weeks is around 2 more lbs) (3 lbs 12 oz now + 2 lbs = 5 lbs 12 oz maybe if we're lucky?)


While at the hospital they were having some sort of "fair". Probably because Christmas was coming up. The had sewn items, knit items, crochet items, gift baskets, Jams, baked goods, etc. Anyhow, while I was waiting for my ultrasound to happen, my mother went (who drove me) took a look at the books, and bought a handful for .50¢ each. For this price, I thought I'd go take a look afterwards at the titles. You can't even get books that cheap at the used book center near me. When I got there, I selected a bunch of books (8 actually) and the lady told me they were 4/1$. .25¢ each? Thank you! So I got 8 books (my mom got a few more than that) and we pretty much cleared them out of their Chick Lit selections. And now I have some new books to read. The money goes back to the hospital, so I'm rather happy about that too.


Pattern: Vestee by Marjorie Brigham (My Ravelry Link)
: Baby Boy #3 due December 2010
Yarn: 1.52 skeins (334.4 yards) of Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash in 1911 (Turquoise Heather)
Needles: US 7 - 4.5 mm
Size: 12 months
Timeline: June 4 2010 - November 3 2010 (Set it aside for a few months before picking it up again to finish - not sure why).
Modifications: Knit pattern as written.
Opinion: Cute. Not sure why the collar couldn't have been done by picking up stitches, I think it would have looked nicer to pick up stitches rather than knitting it separate and seaming it on.

Hopefully baby 3 is an average size baby and this will fit him nicely for next fall/winter 2011.


Funny Laugh of the day:
1.Go to Google Maps.
2. Go to "Get Directions".
3.Type in Japan as your start location.
4.Type in China as your end location.
5. Go to direction #43.
6. Laugh.


Jules said...

Great news about the placenta movement! Mine is high and posterior, so perfect placement for now, so I have my fingers crossed for NO movement!

Our girl is also measuring small. The U/S tech had me all worked up with worry, but spoke with our doctor yesterday and she said she's just little, not abnormal (around 6lbs if growth continues as-is) - I say, the easier to squeeze her out of there!

Dying to hear what name you choose - and sorry I rarely comment!!! I always read, but use a reader, so rarely click through to comments. Making the effort, though!

IrishGirl said...

Glad to hear things are better with the pregnancy...Kidney/bladder infections hurt like crazy!

Loved the Google maps thing! I did China to America for fun and laughed at 42 AND 93!


Sarah said...

Love the Google Map directions, hah! Glad to hear Baby Boy 3 is doing well. Hugs!

Lauren said...

Robyn -

So glad to hear things are getting a bit better!

#43 - hysterical!!!! I needed that after today


~Jo~ said...

Ok, I had to try it and from China to America #93 is too funny! ;)

Sending you "stay put" vibes for baby to cook a few weeks more.

g-girl said...

haha! funny re: google maps. well, that is good news that your placenta is now low lying and it sounds as though you may even carry to term? hope baby boy does fall at least btwn sean and mack's birth weight. what an awesome steal! 4 books at .25/each???

sapphireblue said...

Usually if the placenta moves off the cervix third trimester, it's going to stay off. It depends on the doctor. Mine wanted the edge of the placenta to be at least 3 cm from the cervix, but I've heard of doctors who want it to be more than that.

Julie said...

Definitely the way I would choose to travel-- I'll have to plan on a slightly smaller suitcase:)

Bea said...

Excellent about the books. I need to find a fair like that. The sweater is super cute.

Tara said...

Nice work on the Vestee :) Wonder why you couldn't just pick up the stitches? Yet another reason it's OK to not always follow the pattern as written, I guess.

Amelah said...

Oy! That sweater is too cute! Not just because it is blue, but so tiny! Can not wait to see baby boy #3 in it! Can't wait to stop calling him baby boy # 3 LOL :-)

Nice loot on the books! $0.25 is an awesome price, especially if it means new books for you and money to the hospital! Sounds like a good deal for everyone!

Glad your previa moved slightly if it is better news for you and baby. Hopefully you have a safe 5 more weeks and a safe delivery for you and baby. Can't always believe what you read on the Internet unfortunately, I have been doing a lot of researched on Mass Cell Tumurs [Harley] and there is a lot of stuff contradicting or extremely scary! So hopefully only good news from your doctor!!! 3 pounds - yeah LOL.