Friday, November 12, 2010


Today I finished Cache Coeur. It's now wet blocking on foam mats. I am either going to let it sit until tomorrow or Sunday and then take it off, weave in the 4 ends that I have to weave in, and sew on 2 buttons (which I have yet to pick out). I absolutely love the way it came out, now that I see it properly on the blocking boards. Before, it was all bunched up from the stitch design, and I wasn't 100% sure about it. I really hope that it fits baby 3 as a newborn - because that's when they really need warmth on their torso. This baby wrap was very well designed. I would totally knit it again. Only took me about a week to knit it - though I worked on it here & there throughout the week.

Sean went again in the middle of the night to the bathroom, this time not waking up Mackenzie. However, he was soaked again this morning when he woke up. We told him that he has one more chance, tonight, to wake up dry tomorrow, or we'll go back to pull-ups at night for a bit. We're giving him this chance again because he freaked out when we even mentioned the word pull-ups. Tonight I will make sure I take him in his sleep to the bathroom before I go to bed. Just to be safe. I wonder if this works?

My in-laws came for dinner tonight and my step-mother-in-law made the most delicious homemade Chinese food. My father joined us as well, since my mom is currently in Florida as she helped my grandmother go down for the winter, as she does every November now. Since my dad is lonely at home without my mom, I thought it would be nice to have him come over as well.

Does anyone know of a free online tutorial for zippered pouches (flat pouches) that use a 7" zipper? I have an abundance of 7" zippers and want to sew up a bunch of pouches to add to the teacher's gifts for Xmas. Totally being crafty this year and I'm running out of time - since I don't know when Baby 3 will arrive. If you know of a tutorial for 7" zippers, please do link it for me. Thank you.

I cannot find one of my circular needles and need it to cast on a quick knit I want to make. I just used it for something and looking at my finished projects on ravelry, I cant even figure out which project I just used it for. My office is actually (surprisingly) quite clean right now and I cannot find my needles. It's driving me insane. I've ransacked my office tonight... but everything is tidy, so where on earth is the needle? Grumble. I totally should be knitting other stuff though, one in particular that now has a deadline. Slowly cleaning up my WIPs. And if feels good.

I have another code worth 10 points to add to your Pampers Gifts to Grow account: Thanks2Veterans. Also have for you today, a Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards point code: BJSMXWWNSTSBPGB.

Tomorrow we say goodbye to Zeus. He was never really our cat to begin with - so there is no real attachment to him, like there was to Jazz, whom passed away May 2009. Jazz was Jamie's kitten since he was probably even too young to be away from his mother. Zeus on the other hand, has only been living with us for about 5 years now, though, I've known him since I met Jamie in 2002. (He belonged to Jamie's roommate/good friend before he moved out, I moved in, and somehow after Zeus moving out - he came back to live with us, as Jamie's friend moved in eventually with his fiancé, who turned out to be allergic to cats, so we took Zeus in). Though now it's time to say goodbye. Zeus is getting old, and senile & is doing stupid things sometimes. I am kind of afraid of the possibility of him not being so nice to baby boy after his arrival, so it's best that he goes now to live with Jamie's mom & her wife. They'll be picking him up tomorrow. I don't know if he senses if something's up, but he'll get better attention at their house, than the lack of time from us here (because my priority are the kids, obviously).


g-girl said...

oh the cache coeur looks much nicer on the blocking board! I wasn't so sure about it either when you had it on the needles. but now I get the construction of it much better. hope sean does okay with his last test!

Tara said...

The cache coeur is looking good! Of course, it'll look even better with a baby inside :)

Zonda said...

What a neat design! Yes, it will look very cute on BB#3.

BTW! Check out this tutorial for your zippered pouches! She sells quite a few, and I own a few (yes I know I should make my own, but when she has a cooler print then I do, well... ;)

Hope it helps!

Take care!

Barb said...

what a cute baby wrap looks cozy, can't wait to see your finished La Novia I need to cast mine on :)

sapphireblue said...

I never thought of using that for a blocker board. Will have to try it.

carolyn said...

You know, I have the same EXACT problem as you - when things are neat and tidy - THAT'S when I can't find knitting things like needles. Seriously - Ever since I picked up and "reorganized", I can't find this one set of size 10 needles that I KNOW I have! Urgh, so frustrating.

Won't it be nice not to have to worry about cat food, changing litter, etc. now? Esp. with the third one coming. But I read your most recent post - no eating or drinking labor inducing things, now! You have tiny babies as it is - keep them cookin' in the oven until 40 weeks, Missy! :) (btw, I thought I remembered Sean and Mack to be somewhere in the 5-6 lb. range - if I'm wrong, tell me!)
Hang in there. These are the miserable weeks. I remember with both of my kids that my ankles turned into tree trunks. Literally. Couldn't fasten my shoes because they were so fat. And with my second, she was head down right on my bladder and it was the most uncomfortable thing. However, in the positive, I did not have to do hardly any pushing - I hope this will be the case with you. What a relief it would be, I'm sure! I haven't been good at commenting, but I have been reading your blog and thinking about you - hugs!

Theresa said...

Check out this tutorial, it uses a 7" zipper.

Amelah said...

Can't wait to see baby boy #3 all bundled up in it!