Sunday, November 14, 2010



I used to tackle Costco during the week, when it's quieter there. However, now, at 34 weeks pregnant I can't go on my own. I can't lift, bend, or push the cart when it gets too heavy. So we've been going on the weekend when we need to go. The parking lot is ALWAYS a zoo. However, (knock on wood), I always seem to get a fantastic parking spot. It's like the person's spot whom we get, knows I'm very pregnant and can't walk far. You know? Inside... even more so of a zoo. It was as if 4-5 people came out of every car in the jam packed parking lot. I took this funny picture of the boys while at Costco today - Mack was making sounds with his hands/lips and Sean didn't want to hear any of it, so he was blocking Mack out. It was too funny. While it was indeed a zoo there today, we went in with no rush feeling, had no set time to be anywhere, and took our time. That's how to go to Costco and not get frustrated. And now I'm stocked on toilet paper and kleenex until 2011. Found a few new items today, we'll see how they are. (Coffee Crisp, Rolo & After Eight Hot Chocolate? Heaven in a cup - I've tried both the Coffee Crisp & After Eight ones already. I don't see it lasting too long in this house - especially now that the weather has cooled off).


I cast on last night for Twist Hat for my hospital bag. I am hoping it's not too tiny. I am loving the subtle hints of color in the hall blue Colinette Jitterbug Velvet Damson colorway. (Using leftovers). It's to match Cache Coeur. I had plenty of leftovers from Cache Coeur's Dream in Color Smooshy Romeo Blue, however, I found it too "solid" for this hat. I have taken Cache Coeur off the blocking boards, but have not yet been able to find buttons in my stash that I want to use for it. (I will keep looking).


Hoping Twist is a fast knit, as I have so much more to knit.

This week I have to get over my anxiety over the mess in the nursery and tackle that room once & for all. It's such a disaster in there, I don't even know where to start. You see, I had neatly put away all the clothes Sean outgrew after he outgrew them into boxes that were all organized, labeled, etc. I got pregnant with Mack when Sean was around 9 months old. So things were easy to find after when I needed them for Mackenzie. After Mackenzie, my hubby wasn't having any more kids. (He always wanted 2 kids, I wanted 3, I won)! Anyhow, after Mackenzie outgrew stuff, I kind of got distracted (ok, ok, lazy), and shoved things into boxes, nothing was organized, sizes were all mixed up, and it went into storage, didn't want to get rid of my stuff yet, but didn't know what to do with it either. I always had hope there would be one more kid. Anyhow, now that I'm 34 weeks pregnant with another boy, all our stuff is getting used yet again! (Most people are lucky if they get 2x usage out of baby clothes, and here I am getting 3x usage). Some of the stuff will have to go after baby 3 uses it... as I'm sure by then it'll be either too stained, or too worn out (I did keep some stained stuff - for wear around the house - I don't care and I don't think Baby 3 will care either). There have been a few outfits, that I put away in Sean's baby box, and Mackenzie's baby box, as it was "their" outfit. Or it had their name embroidered on it. Or it was just toooo darn cute, I had to keep it for them, and will not get used by baby 3, nor get passed on. And since money does not grow on trees, as soon as baby 3 is done with certain stuff, I do plan on selling stuff on Craigslist, so I can get stuff that is age appropriate with the money, etc. There won't be a 4th child, I don't think I can take another high risk pregnancy. And after this baby, one of the two of us will most likely get "sterilized". Either I will go back in to get my tubes tied if I do have a successful Vbac this time and don't require surgery to deliver baby 3, (if I was having a Csection, I was going to get my tubes tied on the spot)... or maybe I'll send the hubster in for sterilization. We'lll see when we cross that bridge. There is stuff though that will have to go after baby 3, and I won't be able to sell - like my Graco stroller/bucket.... as they have "expiry dates" for safety reasons. My baby swing is on it's last leg (I'm actually looking to replace it 2nd hand or borrow one). (I must get one though, the one we've had has been a life saver for both boys). Anyhow... back to the nursery... it's jam packed right now with stuff. All baby stuff. Even the exercauser & jumperoo is in there. Boxes of clothing ranging from preemie size to 2T is in there too (as Mack's in 3T now and Sean in 4T). Ahhhhh.... that room gives me anxiety. I walk in, and seriously just turn around and walk out... I need to tackle that room once and for all. I WILL DO IT!!

And I'm seriously not packing my hospital bag just yet. Both times I packed it when pregnant with Sean & Mackenzie, my water broke the very next day. Same "overnight" bag too. Using it again this time. But waiting until I am closer to term to physically pack it... Baby boy still needs to grow a bit more before arriving. Stuff that I need for my hospital bag is indeed making it's way into a pile next to said hospital bag. But not exactly putting it in there just yet. I need to pull out my list of items I took when I packed it the last 2 time so that I am not forgetting anything. And I'm packing preemie stuff as well as newborn size - you know - just in case.

There are a few things around our house that we're noticing are nice to do now that the cat is no longer living here. I no longer have to shut my office door. The boys are old enough now to respect my office. (Heck, Jamie's office in our basement is wide open and they don't touch the stuff on his desk, nor his "figurines" still sealed in boxes. They're quite respectful. I now no longer have to make sure the top lid of the toilet seat is down, in fear the cat will go into it. And garbage!? Ah garbage... no more fear that the cat will get into it...

... oh and I slept sooooo good last night, with no cat jumping on me 50 times a night trying to literally sleep on me. Bliss.

Speaking of sleeping, and night time... Sean has now had 2 nights waking up dry. I started going out of my way to actually take him to the bathroom sometime in the wee hours of the middle of the night, and so far, it's working. For a few days there, I was doing laundry every morning and it's not so much fun.


carolyn said...

If I were closer, I'd come over and help you sort through boxes and do all the lifting for you!!!

g-girl said...

the twist hat is coming along nicely..i like the subtle twinges of different shades too! ahhh, sounds like it was a great cat-free night. that is awesome about sean being dry two nights in a row! :) good luck with tackling the nursery. like carolyn, had i been closer i'd offer to help out too!

Tara said...

Due dates are sort of like Christmas, eh? You spend months thinking "meh! there's plenty of time to get organized!", and then suddenly it's 3 weeks away and you're freaking out, lol.

Amelah said...

Urgh I hate Costco on the weekends! Walamrt too! And Fairview LOL - okay fine, I hate most places on the weekend!!

Aack, there is nothing left to buy this child LOL! Poor kid!

Did Jamie's mom let you know how Zeus is doing? I am presuming he is getting along fine with her other cats? Glad to hear it all worked out!