Saturday, November 13, 2010

11.13.10 :: 34 weeks pregnant


34 weeks pregnant. 3 more weeks and baby boy is getting an eviction notice.
(Anyone got any tips on naturally inducing labor? Raspberry Tea is one...)

This morning Jamie took Sean to his skating lesson. Mack wanted to go with to watch too - so I actually had peace & quiet in the house for a good hour and a half. It was really nice, actually. After skating was over, we headed out to do a few errands, and do a little holiday shopping. I've been trying to take care of that so that I don't have to think about it come December. We're keeping the holidays simple this year. Christmas with my hubby's step-family is actually in Toronto this year, so we're not going. I'll do a little Chanukah thing with the boys, we exchange gifts with my cousin Jenn's boys, and I got something little for each of my parents and my in-laws. And for my 8 year old nephew, whom I think we'll see between Xmas & New Years if they come in - if not, I'll mail his gift to him. I'll also get something for my hubby. But that's about it. Oh and the daycare teachers, can't forget about them, their gift is in progress. Other than that, I'm not doing the holidays this year, I decided. There's no reason to with the adults anymore. There comes a point in time where it's just ridiculous already. When does it end? What are your family traditions? I also think as of next year, since it'll be my 30th, I'm stopping adult birthday gifts. I'll send out cards, but it's just getting ridiculous already. Do you still exchange birthday gifts with adult family members? I figure big birthdays are one thing (like 30th, 40th, etc...) but other than that.... when does it end?? I've been talking to a few friends about birthdays and holidays and it just seems like at a certain point, it's just not necessary anymore. It's all about the kids now. Especially since I almost have 3 of them of my own.


Mid afternoon while Mackenzie was napping (thankfully!), Jamie's mom & her wife came over to pick up Zeus. They stayed for a while until Mackenzie got up from his nap, so that they could see him too. My mother-in-law showed me the knitting she was working on (socks for my nephew) and asked me about needles & stuff, so I gave her a few pairs, so that she had some variety. She's been making tube socks for all her grandsons. (She only has grandsons). She recently got back into knitting - but used to do it years ago. We weren't sure if Sean would react when we put Zeus in his carrier and my mother-in-law & her wife left today. However, it was actually Mackenzie who started bawling for Zeus. Though, I don't think he really gets what was going on, and he wasn't a fan of Zeus to begin with - always yelling at the cat, etc. So that was odd, but he quickly forgot about Zeus once they left. I am praying he gets along great in his new home, as there are 3 other cats there.

This afternoon I actually got started on the daycare teacher sewing portion for their holiday gifts. I'm making all 5 teachers the same thing. (Sean has 3 teachers & Mack has 2). Today I started with Mack's teacher who is a huge Habs fan, so I made her items in Habs fabric that I re-purposed from a Crib Bumper we never used for the boys. (I've actually made a few things out of it already). I really hope she likes it. I still have one more item to make for her. I will blog about it all once I am done and know 100% what I am doing in full. However, I can tell you that I am super impressed with my sewing skills as of lately. I think I'm honestly surprising myself. I used to be afraid of my sewing machine, and now I have confidence. It's great. I love it.

Now I'm finally sitting here in peace & quiet. Hubby is at hockey. Kids are finally in bed (they went to bed late this evening - no idea why). After an hour of chatter in their beds and a few renditions of O CANADA on the top of their lungs (I was dying of laughter), they finally fell asleep. The laundry is going, the Habs won 7-2 over Carolina (WHAT A GAME!) and I've accidentally cast on not one, but two new knitting projects. (When I should be knitting on La Novia...). Oops.


g-girl said...

cheese might help like on a pizza. you know, i still exchange birthday cards and gifts with my sister--the hubs too but i think that's about it. maybe you draw the line on with whom you still do this stuff with? I dunno. It's really up to you though.

Barb said...

what are you making the daycare teachers? i was thinking of making my girls teachers small gifts but have no clue what

Lacey said...

You look *thrilled* in that preggo pic at the top. Ugh, I can't imagine. I don't do much with anyone in my family. A call or a card does it for us. We're also going low budget on Christmas this year. We bought a new car last Christmas, so there went all my extra cash for the WHOLE year.

Also, had the oddest dream. I came to your house (from Georgia) and read the boys a bedtime story so that you could finish up something you were doing. Once you finished, I left. Weird, huh?

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

I completely agree about the presents. We're going to attempt a simple Christmas this year, and we will be more thoughtful and less wasteful. :) I'll have to send you some links I found!

Tara said...

I still exchange gifts with most of my adult friends/family. The people who don't get gifts are people who have discussed it with me and have mentioned that they prefer not receiving anything. "Accidentally" cast 2 projects, eh? I hate it when that happens ;)

Sandra said...

With family, since Husband's one of 5 kids - birthdays are a card and some lottery tickets between siblings, which personally, I think is still too much. My bro and I exchange emails only, if that.
Husband's family is very traditional - they insist on gifts at CHristmas, even though I (and some others) have tried to stop it. But his parents still treat us like we are children, and buy us gifts, so we have to do the same. It gets a little tiresome. I do a little something for the girls only, not the male siblings. BUt with my bro and us - nothing. Really, if we need something, we'll go and get it ourselves. Plus all the nieces and nephews, and I like to knit for my Mom.
Now friends - that's different - we like to exchange a little something something, since it usually means getting together for a great dinner, too!

Amelah said...

So does this mean we are not exchanging Channukah gifts this year ?

Bye Zeus! Enjoy your new home :)