Sunday, November 21, 2010


2nd bookmark for the teacher gift pile. It's purple.
Will have to make myself one.
Started the 3rd one today. In another color thread.

I really like this pattern. Very quick project, but the small hook & super thin thread are very fidgety at times. Though, I can pretty much crochet this now in my sleep. That's a plus.

Today we had a cousins brunch. I have 2 cousins, 1 first cousin, and one 3rd cousin, who both have boys. All our boys are within months of each other. It's so nice to have kids the same age. They all play so nicely together. As we stood there today around the "kid" table, we were like "Wow, we actually fill up a kids table now, and with all boys! Soon we'll have 7 boys between the 3 of us." You have Oliver (August 2006), Sean (December 2006), Jakob (May 2007), Mack (June 2008), Henri (January 2009) and Spencer (April 2009).

Our cousins brunch turned into a Chanukah party for the boys. We decided to do a little gift exchange - which was nice. The boys really enjoyed it.


Before everyone left to go home we took some pictures of the boys on our hallway stairs - just like our parents used to do for our generation. It was a little difficult trying to get 6 boys aged 4 and under to sit and all look at the camera a the same time. (Above & below are the 2 best photos we got - one from Jenn's camera and one from mine).


After everyone left, I entertained the kids pretty much the entire rest of the day. Jamie came down with some sort of flu/virus who knows what and is sick as a dog. Slight fever amongst other not so fun symptoms. I'm hoping he gets better soon (and I'm debating whether to sleep in the same room as him tonight). I managed to get ALL the laundry washed today, as the city is shutting off our water for the entire day tomorrow (not sure why, but the recording on our answering machine said it would be back on by 5pm - thankfully). It was a long day today, neither Sean or Mack napped, and Jamie was sick. Luckily the boys like to watch sports, so we watched the ALs game all afternoon so I didn't have to watch kid shows for 5+ hours. It was the Eastern finals, and the Montreal Alouettes kicked Toronto out of the running for the Grey Cup next weekend. Very excited to watch the Als play in the Grey Cup another year in a row. Repeat of last year?! I'll take another win, thank you.


So we took out the new Chanukah gifts. Sean & Mack each got a gift that is a "coloring" book with a special marker. When you color on the page with it - the color appears. I remember drawing with these as a kid! So cool! I had no idea they still existed!


Of course there were some sports related gifts as well.

Mack didn't want his cousins to leave. He decided to call them back on the phone.
His conversation to his cousin Henri I caught on video.
Not a real conversation - he was on a toy phone.

The first bit he's mumbling something, but then he talks clearly towards the end of the video. He's too cute.


kim said...

ugh! I came down with the same sickness over the weekend...finally starting to feel a little normal! Hope Jamie is feeling better and the rest of you don't get it!

sapphireblue said...

Very nice bookmarkers!

Amelah said...

Aww! I remember when our parents used to do those pictures to us, and by parents I mean mom! LOL However we had the stupid matching outfits!!! So cute all the boys together!! Need some girls now!!!

Tara said...

Wow, that's a lotta cousins! Can you imagine what family get-togethers in 10 years are going to be like? Start food shopping now! lol

Carrie said...

Those bookmarks are gorgeous! I might have to make a couple myself. Thank you for the pattern link! :)

Jennifer said...

love that video - sooooo cute! ps.. fun to hear your voice :)

g-girl said...

awww, so cute the video of mack 'calling' henri to come home and play again. looks like the cousin/chanukah party was fun. do you and your cousins with boys get together often?

dawn said...

What a cute conversation Mack is having...I love how Sean is trying to tell him that Henri was already there today. My oldest does the same thing to the youngest lol.

Bea said...

Oh my gosh. That video is awesome!