Monday, November 08, 2010

11.08.10 :: 201 weeks old


Sean is 201 weeks old today.

My day got re-arranged when I got a phone call just after noon from the daycare that Mack has 104°F/40°C fever. Poor guy was boiling when I picked him up from daycare. Luckily I eventually got him to fall asleep (watching some tv). His fever did go down, to 101.8°F/38.7°C before bed. I'm hoping the fever goes away so he can get back to daycare asap, it's really hard caring for a sick child at 33+ weeks pregnant. Sometimes he wants to be held, and I can't lift him, and sitting on the floor doesn't work for him. Not sure what about it - but he still likes to be lifted and held, high off the ground. I also have a lot of stuff going on this week, so I hope he gets better soon. I already had to line up someone to come stay with him tomorrow during the day as I have an appointment. I also really hope that Sean goes to daycare tomorrow and doesn't try to stay home because Mack is at home. We'll see how that plays out in the morning. Thursday the kids have a pedagogical day from daycare as the teachers have a conference (I've already lined up a playdate - providing Mack's not still sick). Honestly, besides the fever, he is himself. No other symptoms. Laughing and acting as normal.

Sean woke up absolutely dry this morning (and even went to the bathroom in the middle of the night last night (4:30 am) when he called out for us to take him. We're still trying to figure out how to get it in his head that he doesn't have to call for us to go. He unfortunately just had an accident in his bed, 2 hours after going to bed. Though, because Mack's sick, I have a funny feeling that Sean will wake up with fever tomorrow morning too. I just took his temperature while changing the bed sheets (because honestly he felt very warm) but he has absolutely no fever. I hope I am wrong and he doesn't wake up tomorrow morning sick as well. We just put him into a pull-up because of the situation of possibly being sick, and I hope this doesn't throw us off from training. He did fight us however on putting on the pull-up, he wanted to wear his underwear. Oddly, he had been wearing 2 pairs of underwear when he woke up soaked. Not sure on how that happened, as I wasn't on duty when he got dressed for bed this evening. On nights when Jamie is home, he does the bedtime routine (as I am not allowed bending/lifting and it's getting super hard for me), and I just do bedtime story before bed.

This is the project I started the other night. It's Cache Coeur. I'm already a lot further than my progress photo which was taken earlier today. (It has been a sit on the couch and watch tv & knit type of evening). I am not a fan of blue (not my fave color) but since we're having a 3rd boy, blue it is. I'm knitting this with Dream in Color Smooshy in Romeo Blue, and on US 3/ 3.25mm needles, so it's really tiny. I am hoping it keeps baby boy warm after birth. I really shouldn't have cast on for it - as I have other things I need to be working on, but I hope to get this done as soon as possible so I can move on to those items I really need to finish.

My mother-in-law (Jamie's real mom) approached me before leaving my house on Saturday after my nephew's birthday party. We had been talking earlier during the party about our cat Zeus, and how it's not fair that ever since the kids were born he's gotten less and less attention from us, and how he tries to sleep on me and I push him off me about 80 billion times a night. How he does things to get attention that we just can't give him, and that I fear it's only going to get worse once baby boy is born. Jamie's sister had offered to take him, 3.5 hours from here, but he'd become an outdoor cat. He has no front claws, so this would be totally unfair to him, and he's old now, about 16 ish years old, and this would be totally unfair to put him outside after living indoors all his life. To me that was cruel. She approached me, and told me she had talked to her wife, and they wanted to run it by me, that they were willing to take him. They have 3 cats of their own (one who is currently sick at the moment, and they are not sure what to do with him, as he's only 11 years old, but needs a lot of testing (that is way above of their budget to do right now), and that I should talk to Jamie and get back to them. I waited until everyone was gone and discussed it with Jamie. We decided that the deciding factor of letting Zeus (whom wasn't our cat since his birth - but Jamie's good friend's cat (he doesn't want the cat back and doesn't unfortunately care what happens to him)) go would be Sean's reaction to Zeus going to live with Bubbie Penny. (Bubbie is Yiddish for grandmother). We came up with a way to go about it, and yesterday we sat down with Sean. We told him that Zeus was lonely and that he was going to go live with Bubbie Penny and his 3 cat friends at her house. Sean was a little hesitant at first, saying "Oh, he's going to visit, and then come back?" but after explaining to him that Zeus will go stay there permanently, and that he can visit at any time - he said ti was a good idea. Phew. So this upcoming weekend, Zeus will be going to stay with my mother-in-law, for good. I love the guy, but he pukes on yarn. (NOT COOL!) I love the guy, but he tries to sleep on me, and the only good night's sleep I've ever gotten in the few years we've had him - are when he was accidentally locked in some room that we didn't realize he was locked into. Locking him out of our bedroom wasn't an option, as he paws at the door to come in and then starts meowing if you don't open the door for him. He's also become a huge meower lately, and it's gotten to be very annoying. I'm sure I'll miss the guy once he's gone, but I am so glad he's going. He'll be much happier surrounded by other cats. I am sure he is totally lonely here. And I'm glad we're doing this before baby 3 is born.

Today's Link Love:
- This Got Bob? Baby Bib. I totally want one for baby 3!
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Girlknits said...

I wouldn't worry about it affecting your progress. When kids are sick, sometimes they are out of funk and can't control and wet their bed. I really wouldn't worry.

Love that got bob bib! So definitely cute.

That sounds like a good plan for the cat. He'll be happy around cat friends. I dont know what Iw ould do if my cat tried to sleep on me. Doesn't sound like fun.

Love your Cache Coeur. What a neat project. Where did you get a copy of that pattern? It's not a free one. Looks like a neat idea for a baby gift. I am sure it will keep baby 3 nice & warm.

Poor Mr. Mackie. Hope he feels better soon & hope he doesn't get his brother sick either. That would be the pits!

Amelah said...

Poor Mack! I really hope he feels better soon and fast! I hope Sean does not catch it either!

Awesome for Penny to offer to take Zeus! I know how much you would prefer for him to be in a happier home! I hope Sean means it and does not get too upset by it. And at least Mack is young enough to probably not notice or care too much [hopefully]. Hopefully that transition goes smoothly.

Good choice of yarn for Cache Coeur - I love Smooshy Romeo Blue! Such a lovely color!

Tara said...

Émilie's sick today too. Fever, sore throat, and 2 throw up so far. Hubby's staying with her today (guess I dodged the bullet on that one, eh?), but I'll probably wind up staying with her tomorrow if she doesn't feel better. Poor kids!

g-girl said...

that was really nice of your MIL to offer to take Zeus. hilarious about the two pairs of underwear--it was probably as a precaution in case he did wet. oh, poor mackie! hope the fever subsided and that sean didn't want to stay home just cos mack did..

dawn said...

Poor Mack! I hope he feels better quickly! For everyones sake.