Friday, November 05, 2010



The mail has been sucky lately, but today I finally got something good in the mail. On Monday I won an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of Catherine McKenzie's Arranged. I loved her first novel Spin, which I read back in the spring just after meeting her at the local Chapters.


It even says on the top of the book: "Uncorrected Proof - Not For Resale".
It even came autographed by the lovely Catherine herself.
"To Robyn, Thanks for the enthusiasm! Catherine"

Today I worked on a commissioned box pouch for my friend Barb, and will absolutely show it to you once she receives it (she told me to surprise her with the fabric). I loved it so much I wanted to keep it for myself. I made sure to get it into the mail as soon as it was done, so that I didn't keep it for myself. Details later next week when she receives it in Edmonton.


Tonight we decided to go out as a family for dinner. Sean had us cracking up. It all started with a little lemon. (And the faces that go along with tasting lemon!)

The best was the laughter that Mack produced from Sean's silliness. Fantastic.

There were also some orange faces too. No idea where he learned this stuff... but it's funny. I don't think I've done the "orange in the mouth" thing since I was a kid... love it.

There has been progress (a bit) on baby boy's nursery. I can see some of the floor in that room now. Some of the laundry has been started, even folded and some even put into the pile for the hospital bag. I don't even know what to take the hospital for the baby. For Sean we packed Newborn stuff, and he "swam" in those clothes and we ended up needing preemie stuff, which we didn't even have. I think this time I will be safe and pack both preemie and newborn stuff. This way I have choice depending on what size he's actually born at.

I think I need to email all family members and tell them to STOP buying my kids clothes for the size that they are in. Both Sean & Mackenzie's clothing drawers are OVER flowing. Mack's in 3T and Sean is in 4T. I hope that Sean does NOT get any clothes for his birthday or Xmas. Or if he does, that they are in size 5T for next year. I don't have any more room for new clothes, (except maybe a new sweater or something, and some new socks, because apparently we don't have a few colors to match certain outfits)... but Mackenzie's wardrobe has stuff I doubt he'll even get to wear as he has so much. I think I might go through is stuff and donate. And the baby?! Don't even get me started on his wardrobe. Not too much had stains on it, and whatever stains were there I think I managed to get out with some spray before washing it. The baby has stuff in his closet that Sean got as a gift that still has tags on it. Stuff that was wrong season/weather/size for Mackenzie. I am hoping this baby gets some use out of some of that stuff... or it will just end up in the gift pile. We have so much stuff. I feel blessed, really.

I know baby boy will receive more stuff at his brit milah (bris), and I'm just praying for gift cards, rather than clothing, this way I can get what I need in the size I actually need it in - or use it for other stuff for the baby (like if it's for Toys R Us/Babies R Us or HBC or something). Eventually I will need new BPA free bottles (though I am going to attempt to nurse first). I had to chuck all our bottles after Mack as they weren't BPA free. Though, baby bottles is not something that someone can buy me. I have to see which nipples/brand will work best for baby 3, before investing! Ah, so much to think about.

I started a new knitting project tonight (details tomorrow), I'm hoping it's a super fast knit, as I have something else I should be finishing up before the end of the month.

There are 5 new Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards points available: BJRGHJHZNFSJPGB worth 5 points. ENJOY! Are you closer to getting something with your points? I had just redeemed for 2 coupons for 2 packages of free diapers, so I bought some diapers for baby 3 with it. I won't say no to free diapers!


Bea said...

You are very blessed.

g-girl said...

that is so awesome that she autographed it too! :) you are indeed very blessed.

Tara said...

Maxime has a thing for lemons too. If I'm cooking/baking with them, he always asks for a wedge and just sits there licking it and smacking his lips. It's too funny!

Amelah said...

Wow lucky boys lol, to have too much clothes! No need for toys - what to buy my nephews?!!?

Love the silly faces!

Your so lucky you won a copy of Arranged! Congrats on winning !