Sunday, November 07, 2010



Sean is getting really good at writing his name.


He drew a hockey rink (puck too (see circle by the goalie net her drew which looks like a backwards squared letter C) and did a beautiful job signing his name on his Uncle's birthday card.

I am so proud of Sean's recent accomplishments. He actually woke up dry this morning from sleeping without a pull-up last night! (He did have a slight accident of getting his pj pants wet while going to the bathroom this morning (poor judgment with aim) - but he made it to morning without wetting himself or the bed. He wants to try again tonight no pull-up so we're going to give it a go! Maybe he's ready to be 100% completely potty trained. I'm game for that. I did buy a package of pull-ups today, just in case.


The boys desperately needed a haircut. They must have gone through a growth spurt, because usually every 3 months I get their hair cut, and it's usually this length after 3 months. For some reason, this time, after 2 months, they needed one.

Sean's hair actually was the worst between the 2 of them. Every time he pulled his hat off (gotta love winter weather!) his head looked like this above. Standing up on all ends.

seanaftercutNov SeanCosmoLunch
We went out for lunch after the haircuts to celebrate my brother's birthday. Sean totally enjoyed his chocolate & strawberry covered waffle. I don't blame him.

The hubster needed some new shoes, so after lunch we headed to the mall. I probably did more walking than I should have (I'm sore & regretting it now). I got the boys feet measured and discovered that Sean is now a size 10-10.5 toddler shoe (he was in a size 9 until now) & Mack is now a size 8 (from 7). Sean picked out some new shoes, and Mack was being stubborn so I picked out a pair for him, and hopefully he'll wear them.

We came home to do a huge clean-up in the basement. We took all toys that wasn't sport related out of the basement, because they really don't play with them downstairs. Toys from now on will stay in the playroom only. We've since even removed most toys out of the den. Only books in there now and to watch tv or play Wii. I am starting to love the toys being confined to one room rather than having the toys all over the house.

I've been doing newborn laundry as I'm trying to get my hospital bag together. I've washed receiving blankets, and newborn size hooded towels, itty bitty wash cloths, sleepers, onesies, scratch mittens, swaddle blankets, burp pads, all tiny items, ranging from preemie size, newborn and some smaller 0-3 month stuff. I have no idea what to expect for baby 3's size, so I'd rather have stuff washed so that I can be prepared for when he's born.

I also started going over the pamphlet the hospital gave me to find out about preparing myself prior to going in, and for my hospital stay. They require me to have someone with me (husband obviously will be my choice), for the first 24 hours after delivery. After Mackenzie was born, I recall Jamie staying for a bit until I was settled, then went home to shower & get a few hours of sleep before coming back. Since it wasn't my first baby, I was totally okay with that. This was at another hospital though. Seems like this new hospital is more strict with certain things. For example, visiting hours are 1 hour only in the evenings, 2 people at a time only. (That's okay, I am totally okay with this - I'd rather people come to my house after I am home to visit at my convenience - when I am up for visitors). Having a Csection is major surgery. They have 7 layers of stomach to cut through, and then sew back up. After my Csection with Mackenzie, I felt like I was run over by an 18 wheeler, but I put on a smiley face and allowed whomever wanted to visit me to come, as the hospital I was at had a bit more slack visiting hours. Now that I know what I went through last time, I'm putting my foot down this time. Plus, only 2 people are allowed at a time, for 1 hour each day. Not much can happen there, now can it?? Which is good, because I hate feeling claustrophobic and overwhelmed.

I find it funny that you're there for 2 days after a regular birth, and 4 days after a Csection, yet their packing list tells you to pack diapers for 12 days. This made me laugh.

Starting to panic a little bit about getting things done before he's born. I know it always works out in the end.... but a little part of me is worried about not being ready.

Today's Link Love:
- This series of photos. She's so talented.
- This neat Hexie Caddy Tutorial (sewing).
- Leapfrog products for teaching kids to read. Need to see what to get Sean for his upcoming birthday. He really is interested in learning to read, so I'm all for it. I just need to see which ones are appropriate for him.


Girl Knits said...

Great job Sean on writing his name. I like the Leapfrog line too for my kids.

They look so handsome with their new haircuts.

I hear ya girl on the visitors at the hospital. Even family can be obnoxious wanting to visit. Do people not realize that Csections are major surgery and maybe you want to recover in peace? I'm kinda glad my family lives not so close, so I didn't have that issue after giving birth. I hope no one bothers you before you are ready to welcome visitors.

Barb said...

Both my girls have those Tag readers from Leapfrog and LOVE them, i reccomend those for sure :)

Jennifer said...

u have to bring ur own dipes to the hosp? ours provides them & just about anything u need. wonder what the cost diff is for a normal stay.

love the hockey pic!

Amelah said...

Good job Sean!! He is too smart that kid!!!

Funny that the hospital has those rules, have had a few friends deliver and we were more then 2 people in the room, for more then 1 hour. Aw well, maybe they have changed their rules since.

Boys looked very handsome with their hair cuts, as always.

Tara said...

ENGLISH hospitals have you stay 4 days after a C-section. Mine booted me out after 2 days, both times. Big fun.

g-girl said...

love the pic of sean showing us what his hair looks like when he takes his hat off. lol. each hospital is different right? 7 layers of stomach?? ugh.

dawn said...

What cute writing from Sean! Love the haircuts too!