Saturday, November 20, 2010

11.20.10 :: 35 weeks pregnant


35 weeks pregnant today.
Done. So done. Spent. Finished. Beyond Exhausted.
Uncomfortable. Sore. Burned out.


This afternoon we had one of Sean's best friend's birthday party. It was at a local gym type place and the boys had a good time running around. I like that both boys are now old enough to go off on their own, so Jamie & I are able to chit chat with the adults while the boys play.

Mack's favourite part of parties :: Cake time.


Mack has taking a liking to our Dish Chair in the den.

It's so cute. You can find him lying as comfortable as comfortable can be. I wish I were his size and could lie in the chair just like he does.

Tonight I wrapped some Chanukah gifts that I need for tomorrow (early celebration), did the never ending laundry, finished catching up on In Plain Sight (fully caught up now just have to wait for Season 4 to air in 2011), listened to Featuring Norah Jones, crochet one more bookmark for the teacher's gifts (photo to come tomorrow), folded laundry, tried to tidy up the house (nesting much?), put together the diaper bag for baby #3's hospital stay before he can go home (I forgot how tiny newborn diapers are!), sipped Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, and felt baby boy move around like mad today. 35 weeks pregnant and he's still moving around making sure to have his presence known. I absolutely love feeling him and will miss that once he's born, but I'm anxiously waiting to see if he has blue eyes & blond hair like his brothers. I can't wait to feel his warmth against my chest as I hold him.

I crashed last night upon finishing my blog post - gosh, around 9 pm. I tried watching TV in bed, but it wasn't happening. I couldn't keep my eyes open. I slept right through to this morning, I was extremely exhausted. The bad thing about sleeping right through, is that I forgot to take Sean to use the washroom in the middle of the night. The good thing though? He woke up completely dry this morning. Knock on wood, we've had almost an entire week of him dry. I think by the end of this weekend, he'll have had one completely dry week.

Potty training = 1. Extra Extra laundry = 0.

I like.


Yarnhog said...

It sounds like Number 3 will be making his appearance any day now. I just love that soft, warm, newborn feeling. Sending positive energy for an easy, safe delivery.

sapphireblue said...

Way to go, Sean!

Amelah said...

Can't believe how round your belly is!!! Almost there!

LOL love the silly faces! And Mack looks so cozy! Just want to cuddle up with him!

Tara said...

Love the "cake-face" shot of Mr. Mack :)

dawn said...

I agree with Mack...cake time is my favorite too.

g-girl said...

that is fantastic that sean woke up dry!!! yay!!!! did mack eat all of that cake on that plate? lol!

Bea said...

Oh my! You showed the pictures of the Mack in the dish chair and if you hadn't said Mack I would have thought it was Sean. They are getting so so alike.