Monday, November 15, 2010

11.15.10 :: 202 weeks old

Sean is 202 weeks old today.


So I found some buttons in my stash.
Now I can't decide what I want to use for Cache Coeur.


Ducks or Stars?
What do you think?


The boys have been playing so well together lately. They still have their moments, but usually they're quite good when playing. I love that Mack is now at the age where he can play almost all the same kind of games that Sean plays. It will help a lot that they entertain each other while playing after the baby is born. I'm so glad they're close in age, and that they get along.

I never got to tackle the nursery today. For some reason I avoided going in there after one time today going in, getting a bit of anxiety, so I walked out. Maybe tomorrow. I know I'll get it done, eventually.

I did finish Twist Hat today, and boy is it tiny. I'll take some photos of it tomorrow in the daylight. I am hoping it fits as his newborn hospital hat. I think I am going to end up re-knitting it in a larger sizes (3-6 month size) as well. Such a cute little hat. More details tomorrow.

I lost power today for a bit - so weird, because there wasn't any storms. It was raining a little bit - but nothing that I haven't seen before, many times, and there weren't power outages those times.

Definitely nesting like mad though. Trying to find things to clean/organize (all but the nursery).

Jamie and I caught up on about 5 episodes of Weeds tonight (we are a tad behind on shows that we watch together) (I can't even tell you how many episodes of Dexter we're behind on). Anyhow, I wonder if that was the Series finale or the Season finale?! Can they really go on from there? They could end it where they left it.... I wonder? According to Wikipedia, the show was indeed renewed for a 7th season. Should be quite interesting!

Today’s Link Love:
- This yarn ball wreath tutorial.
- This family tree activity.
- Capsters looks like a fun idea to craft with kids.
- Love her photo wall.
- Love this photo.

- Uh... is this really a children's toy?


Wooleyskein said...

Ducky buttons :P

DawnC said...

Love both, but the star looks great with that blue

Tara said...

Stars! With that blue? Total gimme :) And that yarn ball wreath is so cool! Definitely making one :)

IrishGirl said...

I vote stars...I agree that it's great with the blue. Nice! In the nursery, just pop in for 15 mins. at a time so you don't get swamped! Set a timer if you have to, just 15 tho.

sapphireblue said...

I vote for stars.

Maureen said...

Gotta say stars.

We have build ourselves a "Thankful" tree to coincide with Thanksgiving. Just a posterboard with a tree drawn on it by Mommy. Then we have construction paper leaves that we each write on nightly - what we are thankful for. Glue 'em on the tree. Cute, and is teaching Evie some good lessons. :)

g-girl said...

oh you've gotta use the duckies! to me, the duckies look much better against the blue. can't wait to see what you decide. love the family tree idea! the yarn ball wreath is cool too. oh, i'm WAY behind on WEEDS episodes too..maybe I'll catch up next week while on Thanksgiving vacation.

Kimber said...

I like the stars with the blue but the ducks might be easier to button on a wee baby?

Amelah said...

Aw! Both buttons are adorable!! I love baby stuff!

Aw - we used to play connect 4 all the time! Altho, I thing someone has already won LOL I see 6 in a row!

Odd, we did not lose power at all!

Maybe Hydro was doing work in your area?

Oh wow, that yarn ball wreath is breath taking!!