Monday, November 22, 2010

11.22.10 :: 203 weeks old


Sean is 203 weeks old today.

This morning I had Mackenzie's Parent/Teacher interview at the daycare. The daycare does this twice a year, once in the fall & once in the spring. Everything with Mackenzie is good. He's a great child. He's right on track for his age range. He's the 3rd youngest in his class (He's June 17th, and there is one girl born June 27th and another child Sept 4th). All the kids are a lot older than him, starting to turn 3 already (1 just did and the rest follow, December/January/February ...etc). There are 4 of them still with lids on their cups, and he's one of them. That's fine, because even at home I don't trust him without a lid yet. He knocks over his sippy cup either on the table or off the table on a daily basis. So until he's more responsible there, he's not getting it taken off. He's the only child that sometimes still cries in the morning at drop off. It's hit or miss. Sometimes he does and sometimes he doesn't. They say it never lasts more than 2 minutes tops and he's perfectly fine the rest of the day. I guess he's just an emotional child. I'm not sure what is triggering this behavior. What else... oh yes, two more things. The first, is that he sometimes just starts crying when he doesn't want to do what they tell him to do. For example, last week in the gym when one of the outside "teachers" came in for the activity (they have a few outside people that come in, like one day is dance, one day is music, one day is science and one day is this safety guy who does activities with them (I think he's a retired cop)). Anyhow, the safety guy was there last week and Mack was leaning against the wall and he asked all the kids to move in closer to him, and Mackenzie said no. He asked him again, and Mack just started to cry. I don't know why he's doing this - but he is a bit stubborn sometimes. The other thing is that Mack has his "SPOT" at the table in the classroom. They have 2 tables. Both tables are identical. Even all the chairs around them are identical in shape, color, size, etc. So it's not the color of the chair he wants. It's the spot. He's even tried to push kids out of the spot if they get to it first. Sean & Mack each have their own spots at the table at home too. Mack does get mad at Sean if Sean tries to sit in his seat. I didn't even realize that this was an issue, as personally I don't care where we all sit around our own kitchen table, but it seems that we just always end up at the same seats. Myself on one end to feed Mack and Jamie next to Sean on the other end (round table pushed up against the wall) to help Sean with whatever he needs... Never thought "assigned" seats at the dinner table (not sure what else to call them) would cause an issue at daycare. Sean doesn't seem to have an issue with where he sits, and he also sometimes rotates taking any seat at our kitchen table. It's only Mackenzie that has to sit in the same spot each time. Hmm.. interesting. Thoughts anyone?

The other stuff they talked about was all on track for him. He knew most of his shapes, almost all his colors, and could count to 12 (as of when they went over this all with him before the interview - as I did hear him count to 14 in the right order this past weekend). He's still scribbling, has fine motor skills, can communicate very well - though he's talking sentences he's not using full sentences yet - which is okay. He's not aggressive at all with his friends, and he's very polite and has manners. I like to hear this.

Sean's interview is later on this week - so we'll see how that is.

Jamie was home sick today, though he worked from home. After he was done his work for the day, we tried to watch some tv together, however, I ended up falling asleep on the couch for a few hours. I'm telling you - it was a much needed nap. I can't even tell you the last time I actually took the time to nap in the afternoon. It felt great. We were also supposed to lose the water today from 8:30 am until 5pm (which never happened), so I didn't do any laundry or dishes or anything that required water during the day.

I worked on another bookmark and a half. I will show you progress photos tomorrow, once the 4th bookmark is done. They are coming along faster & faster now that I don't even need to look at the pattern to make one. I've been making them all in different color crochet thread (size 10) so that at least I am not getting bored of the same thing over & over again.

I've been thinking about my past pregnancies, and how I was feeling then. I found my blog post from 35 weeks with Mackenzie's pregnancy here. To quote what I wrote: "35 weeks pregnant. I'm officially in the home stretch. 35 days to go. I've been pregnant for 245 days. I'm tired. I'm uncomfortable. I'm swollen. I'm soooo done being pregnant. But I love being pregnant. I surely will miss it when I'm not pregnant anymore." Ha! Totally the same way I feel now. Though, the only thing I don't remember is being that swollen with Mack's pregnancy. Then I found this blog post about my pregnancy with Sean. I wrote in that blog post about dreams I was having (before having Sean). "1- I gave birth in my 37th week (Thursday starts week 36!) 2 - I was a pro at breastfeeding and had no problems and 3- getting my stomach massaged to deliver the placenta. So if all three come true, then I'll be having a vaginal birth in just a week or so (depends on what day in my 37th week I give birth) and I'll be a pro at breastfeeding." Though breastfeeding didn't work out with Sean (nursed with supplementing for the first 2 weeks, but pumped to 6 weeks as he was too tiny to get to latch), my water did break at 37 weeks 5 days and he was born at exactly 38 weeks after 2 days of labor. (8pm on the 26th to 4:44 am on the 28th). Crazy. It's amazing what dreams tell you! Here is what I looked like at 34 weeks 5 days, and here at 35 weeks. I look so miserable and huge! Ugh! I am so glad my face does not look like that this time. I don't think I got so round in the face this time, I think it's all in my belly. (And look at my face above with Sean for our weekly self-portrait... totally not round in the face).

Today's Link Love:
- Since I am due Xmas Day - I thought I'd share this cute photo with you. (You'll never catch me in a Mrs. Claus suit though! LOL)
- Love this Maternity Shot as well. I'm a total Scrabble freak!
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- Love this Patchwork Cube Tutorial.
- Found this good article on "stiffening" crochet items that need - like the bookmarks I am making the teachers at school. I think I will still stick with the spray starch idea. Need to get to the market to get some soon.
- I am not a Glee watcher, (Not a fan of Jane Lynch) but this video is cute & catchy. (Someone who watches it - please tell me - is that blonde Gwenyth Paltrow?)


Tara said...

Random comments: Wanting "their" spot is totally normal. It provides structure and makes them feel secure in their environment. You definitely DON'T look that round in the face with this pregnancy! And I didn't get to watch the video (no YouTube at work), but I know Gwyneth Paltrow guest starred in Glee last week (I'm about 3 eps behind).

Amelah said...

Wow 203 weeks old LOL sounds soo old!

That is odd, about the spot thing. we used to have that at home to, our own spots.

Glad to hear Mack is doing fine otehrwise :-)

Hopefully Sean's goes just as well!

Hope the hubby feels well soon!

Cute Mrs. Clause pregnancy pic!

Jennifer said...

yeppers - that's gwenyth! she was awesome in that episode of glee!!

Maureen said...

Your bookmarks are so pretty.

Evie has moments of "my spot" as well. I think it's just comfort with routine, really.

You definitely don't look like you are holding so much fluid this time!

I use this product ( with the unfortunate name to stiffen some craft projects I've made. It works great.

g-girl said...

it's actually typical the whole 'spot' thing and sometimes even carries over into Kindergarten. All my kids wanted their own 'spot' on the rug so I had to give them all spots. Are they happy now that they have their own spots? no. lol. Oh well. I told them to get over it. teehee. It's a security thing. sounds like mack is doing well though. it also sounds like maybe change is hard for him? but again, he's 3 there is plenty of time for him to develop more trust in his environment. i like those scrabble tiles!

dawn said...

My youngest is that way too. I wonder if it has anything to do with birth order...I don't know they really have completely different personalities.