Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Nesting. I am nesting big time. Today I was car-less, as Jamie had a 20 year old kid in a car hit his car last week (he's okay, car had a bit of damage) so it was going in today and Jamie even though he got a rental needed my van today (for work). So since I was stuck at home, I took care of some cleaning (I mean nesting). I cleaned out the entire pantry in the kitchen, organizing it again, making things easier to find, and seeing what we actually have in there. We had some stuff I didn't even know we had. There was some stuff that had expired, and I found some non-perishable items to donate to the Sun Youth food drive that the daycare does every year. I have to remember to bring those items in tomorrow. I even scrubbed down the shelves in the cupboards. Full on nesting.

And then I cleared out my email inbox. I cannot tell you when the last time it was 100% empty. Feels great to be on top of things. Next thing I need to tackle is my Ravelry inbox. It's not that out of control, but I do have some messages pending replies. All my photos that I've printed are put away in chronological order in the current album I am filling up. My office is being cleaned as we speak. Jenn has inspired me to clean up my stash and make sure that it's all listed on Ravelry. This way when I want to knit something I know what I have in the appropriate yarn weights to make it. This saves money from going out and buying new stuff that I probably don't need. Thanks for the inspiration Jenn! I know I have a ton of stuff that has not yet made it to my stash on Ravelry, and I am slowly working on that. Nesting. Yep. Cleaning. Organizing. Order. Totally have that energy. It feels great to keep working on de-cluttering. Hopefully this will allow me to have things spotless & organized and I'll know where things are when I need them. Trying to be better at that. I can actually see the top of my desk (right now). Hopefully it will stay that way for now. Hmmm, what else can I organize? The garage needs organization again, but I have no desire to hang out in the cold garage.

I've finished bookmark #4 and I am working on #5 for the teachers. Though, I think that I will have to make an additional 2 more. (One for the daycare coordinator and one for the sub teacher who is often helping out in either one of my boys classrooms, and I just love her to pieces. I think I will put them together a handmade Xmas gift as well). I promise you pictures in daylight tomorrow. It was dark & gloomy today outside. Looks like they are actually calling for some sun tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get a group shot of all the bookmarks I've already made. Stay tuned. (I'm having fun making them).

I leave you tonight with some silly pictures of the boys:


This was them after dinner tonight, with their dessert.

The funniest part was they had us cracking up with the silly faces they were making to go along with these. Love it.

Today’s Link Love (Short & Sweet):
- I love these Chalkboard Place Mats. My friend Leslie sells them! What a fantastic idea!
- Eat Pray Love came out today. I've got a date with my tv tomorrow. I've been waiting for this movie to come out. Have you seen it? Any good??
- I got a new audio book now that I finished Knit Two. Has anyone read or listened to The Actor & The Housewife?


Tara said...

Nesting always gave me a boost :)

Maureen said...

Please extract and bottle your nesting instinct and energy. I need to do most of the tasks you listed simply because they need to be done, and I am all "meh, I would rather knit (read, watch a movie, play on the computer, cook something, etc)"

ESPECIALLY the stash update on Rav. I've been saying I'd do that for ever. But my stash is sort of a mess of it's own, and needs to be organized before I can photograph it, etc. Oy. Big job.

Lynn said...

Nesting -- the final stage before delivery. It won't be long now. I'm glad everthing is going well, now.

The chalkboard placemats are great.


Jennifer said...

yeppers - i'd say the nesting is a very good sign, momma!! won't be long now, i'm sure of it!

Amelah said...

Wow! Sounds like you had a very productive day!

LOL Silly boys! Too funny!!

I have yet to see Eat Prey Love, but plan to watch it too!

g-girl said...

the chalkboard placemats are SO cool! what a great idea. :) i have yet to watch eat pray love. though now that it's out on dvd, i plan on watching it. let me know what you think of it cos i'm sure you'll watch it before me! ;) you already know my thoughts on actor and the housewife. so did you finish love in midair then? what'd you think?

Bea said...

So glad Jamie was ok.