Friday, November 26, 2010


Conversation I had with Sean today:

Me: My nose is running. I hate this time of the year.
Sean: It's running? Where?
Me: That's what you say when you have a cold and your nose won't stop dripping. You call it running.
Sean: So then go catch it.
Me: Thanks Sean. Maybe tomorrow. Mommy has no energy today.

I love talking to my toddler. It's so much fun to hear what will come out of his mouth.

I had my 36 week check-up today and it was absolutely useless. We talked a bit - since it was my first time meeting my doc’s colleague (as my doc is officially on maternity leave now due to the fact that she's pregnant and due the week after me), and she listened to the heartbeat (A steady 160). She doesn’t do internal exams until 37/38 weeks. I’m going to demand one at my next appointment next Friday (at a day shy of 37 weeks), if my water hasn’t broken before then. I told her that my first born broke my water in my 37th week (37 weeks and 5 days) and my 2nd son in my 36th week (36 weeks 6 days), and then she said “Well, I don’t think this baby is coming out that early”. How the heck does she know!?? Is she psychic? She didn’t even do an internal exam, maybe I’m dilating already? Who knows. And I’d never met this woman before today, so she knows me that well? She didn’t even measure my belly - which my doc has done every appointment until now from probably 28 ish weeks onward. I kind of feel like today was a waste of an appointment. Though, I did run into a friend in the waiting room - so that was nice to catch up with her.

Oh yes, get this, my new doctor starts talking about scheduling a Csection for 40-41 weeks if I don’t go before then naturally (since I’m going for Vbac this time). Is she insane? I’m doing everything I can to soften my cervix naturally so that this baby comes out in 2010. No way I’m still going to be pregnant in 2011. I’m 36 weeks tomorrow and so done. I've had 2 healthy and early babies. (Early but full term). I’ve never been more than 38 weeks pregnant, so she’s insane if she thinks I’ll still be pregnant at 40-41 weeks. My doc had talked about scheduling a Csection at 39 weeks now that my placenta praevia cleared, if I wanted to still do the Csection route. Not at 40-41 weeks. This doc seemed to push Csection, rather than my doc who was all “go for Vbac, you’re a good candidate". It just seemed like everything she said today resulted in a Csection.

I’m not sure how I feel about this new doc to be honest. I'm kind of hoping that my water breaks soon, and that she's not on call when I go into labor. We've got a busy weekend this weekend - so anytime after Saturday night (or Jamie prefers anytime after Sunday), I'm game to go into labor.

And now I'm trying to nurse a cold. (As per my conversation with Sean earlier today). I cannot even take anything for it - as every cold medicine is not safe during pregnancy. Drinking tea - of course and getting enough sleep. The cold has been building up for about 2 days now. The other night Jamie told me that he wanted to shoot me in the middle of the night, as I woke him up around 5 am, because I was snoring so loudly. I am not a person who snores. But I cannot breathe through my nose right now.... so I guess I must have been sleeping with my mouth open and started to snore. If only baby boy would come out - I could take cold medicine and not be sick anymore. Oh, that would be nice.

Besides my OB check-up today I wasn't allowed out of the house. Some of the roads were a sheet of ice, and Jamie banned me from going out. He wasn't worried about my driving - he was worried about everyone else's. I don't blame him. Other people scare me when it's ice out there. I'm really hoping the sticky snow doesn't come until after I've delivered baby boy. My feet don't fit into my boots right now (I'm that swollen), and I'm so close to the end of my pregnancy that I don't want to buy new boots.

I didn't knit a stitch today (or even crochet) - though I have some knitting homework that I need to take care of before going to bed tonight. I'll talk to you about the knitting homework tomorrow. Promise. I've been still on the crazy nesting kick, and I have been checking every skein in my stash (in my yarn room where all my yarn marinates before usage) and making sure that every skein that I have is indeed listed in my stash on Ravelry. This way when I want to look up yarn for a project, I can visually see everything. It's perfect. Also saves me from buying more yarn, when I probably already own what I have for a certain project that I'll want to do. (Giving total credit to Jenn for inspiring me to do this crazy stash clean-up). You know, I have yarn that I totally forgot that I even owned. I like finding yarn. It's fun! It's like finding money in your coat pocket after the summer when you go to take out your jacket for that upcoming winter.


carolyn said...

Your doctor's appt. sounds completely frustrating! I remember when I was pregnant with my daughter, I had to go and visit the doctor's colleagues around 36 weeks. So, I go to see this different doctor. I will never forget - when he walked in and I was sitting on a chair, he said in this sarcastic voice "step on up, you're the star of the show" (meaning the exam table). I asked him to estimate birthweight and he smirked at me and then told me that he didn't know. I knew very well that doctor's could estimate weight at 36 weeks. So, I understand your complete frustration. I hoped beyond hope that this doctor wouldn't be on call when I went into labor and I got lucky, he wasn't.

Yes, stay in and prop up those poor swollen feet and drink lots of hot tea and take a nice steamy shower so you can really breathe in the moist air.


Kimber said...

Wow that sounds like it was an annoying appointment! I remember being frustrated by my OBGYN all the time. He was so set against inducing me early and then as it turns out I ended up going in early because I couldn't keep my blood sugar up and got induced anyway!

I had the same doc both times and both times he wasn't around to deliver me so chances are the fill in doc won't deliver little boy.

I know what you mean about knowing when the baby is going to be born - no one knows that unless you schedule a C-section! My OB/GYN told me that himself!

You are almost done Robyn - hold on!!! YOU CAN DO IT! Before you know it you will be holding that precious baby in your arms!

Sorry to hear you are sick - there is nothing worse than being sick and pregnant! Have you tried breath right strips? I used those when I got a cold (and was pregnant) and they did help (and no snoring)!

g-girl said...

ugh..can you trade this new doc in for a better one? sorry the appt. felt like it was a waste of your time and that she was so contradictory. hopefully the next time you see her she'll have a better bedside manner.
i forgot to comment about you having watched epl! i can't wait to watch it though i'm worried that it isn't going to be anything like the book. i just watched satc 2 (remember when I had you tell me what happened btwn aidan and carrie??) lol! it was good. oh, as for the conversation with sean, get used to it, it'll continue till at least kindergarten age. i have a few students that are that literal too. it's funny!

Jules said...

I can't believe you are just meeting this doctor now if you regular doc knew she was heading on Mat leave!!! At least you would have had some time to ask for a new one!

My OB clinic says Sudafed is safe. I took it when I had my cold a few weeks ago and found it really helped. Just be sure you don't get the one with Ibuprofen (there is one that has acetomenophen that is safe).

Zonda said... frustrating about the Dr. Hopefully it won't be much longer for wee one to show up :) Hang in there!

Caroline said...

Sorry about the bad appointment! I'm seen at a university hospital so I never see the same doctor. I've liked all the ones I've seen so far though.

And I'm sorry to hear you got a cold too. I had it all last week and it sucks! I'm feeling better now but I'm still a bit congested.

Robyn (everydaymiracles at cogeco dot ca) said...

You are in the home stretch now Robyn! I hope that your baby makes his appearance soon - I remember those last few weeks being SO uncomfy! I hope your cold clears up soon too! I second the use of Breathe Right strips but also suggest you check out MotherRisk - they have a list of acceptable medications to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding - Looking forward to hearing your little one has arrived! Robyn (from Ontario)

kate-the-enabler said...

Ah, now, see...I should have read this BEFORE commenting on your Rav stash-a-thon..because here is the answer. Good for you - nesting is a funny thing.
Who is the new doc? You'll go naturally, you'll go VBAC and you'll be fine on your usual schedule. I have complete faith in you and your internal clock.
As for the cold. Otrivin should be ok....I have found it very helpful in the past. Aftern being pregnant or nursing for most of the last six years - it feels weird to be able to take real cold meds again now. Hoping you feel better soon.

Tara said...

Well, at least you had a good weekend, right? :)

Anonymous said...

Robyn, that's too bad about your new Doctor. I hope you get the support you deserve. And keep stashing! I'm loving looking at all that yarn porn!