Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Today was our semi-annual dental appointment. Mackenzie joined us for the first time today. It was his first appointment ever - and as you can see above, he was in the chair with his mouth open before the dentist even took a peek. His mouth is developing well, and he's just missing his four 2nd set molars. As I had suspected, his first set of molars are cut through, and growing. (Which explains his crankiness and fever as of recent).

Sean also was a good boy at his appointment. He let the hygienist clean his teeth, and do the floride treatment before the dentist took at look in his mouth as well. No complaints.

And the appointment was for myself as well.
Look ma, still not a single cavity!
And damn proud!

Last night I finished the 5th bookmark for the teacher's gifts. I have to start another set, though maybe not another 5, as I want to make the daycare coordinator a bookmark too - and they make great gifts, so I think I might just whip up a few more to have on hand. Now that I know the pattern off by heart, I can whip up one of these in no time.

This afternoon I ran a few errands. I wanted to pick up a few more 'organizational' pieces/containers for my nesting. I've been wanting a container to keep all the boys artwork that they bring home from daycare. Until now it's just been sitting in a pile here & a pile there, and I really wanted to put them together and store them in something. So I found something perfect for that today. I also picked up a few more little cubby things with drawers (really small cubby 3-drawer organizers) as I've been organizing my knitting notions, by category. (Ok, maybe I'm taking nesting to an entire new level?)

While out, I found this Aunt Lydia's Crochet Thread. It's 100% Bamboo and SO soft. I have no idea what to do with it - but I had to pick it up. I got Still Pool (Blue) and Mushroom (Cream). Some interesting options I've found on Ravelry are this necklace, or this one, ooh, this necklace too, people have even made the bookmark that I've just finished with this thread, I'd have to pick up some more of one of the colorways to make a shawl like this one. Neat ideas. I'm already married, but some people have even used this soft thread to make garters! I think by far this is my fave one. I wish I had been crocheting back in the days of my wedding - but I only picked up stitching after I got married. I totally would have made myself a garter. (Actually the garter that I used for my wedding, was passed onto my cousin Jenn, and then Jenn passed it onto my cousin Caryn, and they both used it as well. I wonder if Caryn still has it, and will pass it along to the next family member who gets engaged or married). It should be in a box with our names and wedding dates on it. Hopefully a family tradition was started. If not... I tried.

I've also been looking for some fabric that wasn't too "out there" for lining for pouches and stuff. I was looking for more solid, but founds these and really like them. I will still keep looking for solid fabric. I am hoping these pieces will work for what I want to use them for. If not, I'll find something to make with them.

I also found Easy-On Speed Starch. I am hoping it's the right thing - as the employee in the store I had no idea to help me. I am looking for "spray starch" to spray the bookmarks to stiffen them up before ironing them as the final step to it. Does anyone know if this is the right stuff? Hoping it is, before opening it - as it is returnable if it's not. From reading the side of the spray it looks like it is the right thing?

I've got another 10 point Pampers Gifts to Grow code: GiveThanks10pts.

Tonight I think it will be another early night. I feel ill with really bad (horribly bad) indigestion (eating Greek food was NOT a good idea at almost 36 weeks pregnant) and I am catching myself falling asleep. Hopefully I'll have a good night's rest. Need to get as much sleep now before baby 3 arrives.


Tara said...

Yay for no cavities! I've got to take Maxime for his first appointment soon too...

Sandra said...

Pretty sure that's the right starch for what you need. It's the stuff I use when starching collars and stuff the odd time I iron things...

g-girl said...

congrats on no cavities! :) when i got married last year, i went through rav for garter patterns but they were mostly crocheted. i ended up ordering a handmade one on etsy though (and I had an additional one to toss). i love that you've passed yours on!

Delly Bean said...

That starch is alright; it's nice for making shirts crisp when ironing. That brand also carries (or carried, as I haven't seen it in awhile) a lilac coloured container that adds a little more oompff to the starchiness.

If you were making ornaments I'd recommend a 50/50 white glue/water; you just soak it in the mix, squeeze out the excess and block it on some plastic.

Bea said...

Yeah for great teeth! The bookmarks turned out great. I don't know about the starch, but it would probably be too late even if I did know.