Tuesday, November 16, 2010



Yesterday, during the power failure I had, I gathered up all the candles I own (which is not many - but a few more than pictured here - as I am not a huge candle fan) and folded laundry by candle light. I wasn't tired just yet to go to bed, so I made use of my time. I really liked this photo I took of the candles I lit. I ended up using my cell phone light as well as my digital camera on "playback mode" to find my way to the kitchen to get the candles & lighter. It's amazing how the laundry just never ends. It's a vicious cycle. I'm kind of worried of how much more laundry it will be once baby 3 arrives... especially during the newborn stages, where it'll be a lot of spit up, drooled on, diaper explosion clothing changes.

I have to finished objects to show you today:


Pattern: Cache Coeur for Baby by Patricia Arrotin (My Ravelry Link)
: Baby Boy #3 due December 2010
Yarn: 0.39 skeins (175.5 yards) Dream in Color Smooshy in Romeo Blue (07)
Needles: US 3 - 3.25 mm
Size: Newborn.
Timeline: November 5 2010 - November 12 2010
Modifications: Knit pattern as written.
Opinion: Very cute construction, very easy pattern.

cacheangle cacheflat

I went with the star buttons upon everyone's recommendation. I'll just have to find something else to knit for the duck buttons!


And I also have for you today:


Pattern: Twist Hat by Melissa Goodale (My Ravelry Link)
: Baby Boy #3 due December 2010
Yarn: 0.17 skeins (54.1 yards) (19g) Colinette Jitterbug in Velvet Damson #118
Needles: US 2 - 2.75 mm & US 3 - 3.25 mm
Size: Newborn.
Timeline: November 13 2010 - November 15 2010
Modifications: Knit pattern as written.
Opinion: So cute. This hat measures 39 cm. I took out both my kids medical record books recently for another project I just knit. My first born, Sean’s head circumference at birth was 33.4 cm. He was 5 lbs 5 oz. at birth. My 2nd son, Mack’s head circumference at birth was 33.5 cm. He was 6 lbs 4 oz. at birth. So this should definitely fit baby #3 - whom they are estimating to be between 5 & 6 lbs at full term ( based on his weight at my last ultrasound & the fact that I have tiny babies). I was worried it was tiny, but I guess I’m forgetting how small newborns are.


I finally gave in to my anxiety today. I had to. I'm over 34 weeks pregnant. If my last 2 labors are any indication, then baby boy will most likely be here sooner, rather than later. (I've never been more than 38 and 37 weeks pregnant). It was about time that I got in there and started to clean up/organize.


This is why I didn't want to go in there...
EVERYTHING baby was brought out of storage into the nursery.
We brought up everything size 2T and under (Mack's in size 3T now and Sean in 4T).
I could barely see the floor, let alone have space to sit in there to work...
(Aren't those Huggies & Pamper boxes awesome for storing baby items!?)


By this evening, after spending numerous hours in there this afternoon and this evening, this is where I was at. I still haven't gotten to the stuff jammed in the crib yet. The boxes on the right hand side each have an age on it (ex. 3 months, 3-6 months, 6 months, 6-9 months, 6-12 months, 9 months, 12 months), and as I'm finding stuff, it's going neatly folded into the appropriate boxes. You see, after I had Sean, and he outgrew stuff, clothing went neatly and organized by size into boxes, labeled, and then stored. I got pregnant with Mack when Sean was only 9 months old. Even though at first, I didn't know I was having a boy, I still put everything away organized, in case I needed it, after Sean outgrew it. And I needed it again. Two boys. Glad I kept everything. After Mack, I had no idea that I was going to have a 3rd boy. Jamie and I had almost decided that we weren't going to have any more children. So I kind of got lazy, and threw stuff that Mack outgrew into boxes, not labeling anything, and with no real order. Pulling everything out now, was a huge disaster.

Upon going through everything, I've already got a small pile of clothing to donate (feels good to get rid of stuff that got neglected by the first two kids, so I don't see myself using it for baby boy). I also found a few items that were worn out or not that wearable, so those got chucked. I am almost done sorting out all the stuff up to size 12 months/1 year size. All preemie and newborn stuff have been washed already. I've also washed all my hooded towels, baby wash cloths, receiving blankets, burp cloths, and they're all folded & put away. I kept some stuff out for the pile that will eventually go into the hospital bag (which I mentioned I am not packing just yet, because of my history of my water breaking the next day upon packing it - with both boys so far). Any clothes that I am not taking to the hospital, in sizes preemie, newborn, 1 month, 0-3 month size, are neatly in his cupboards in his room. Ahhh.... the sense of relief that it's finally coming along.

The Huggie boxes and such on the left hand of the photo, that is all sizes above 12 months, and I will get to that, to organize before putting back into storage.

Ahhhhhhhhh! I feel the anxiety slowly leaving my body... feels damn good.

I managed to catch up on some tv (via my laptop) while organizing in the nursery today too - for background noise. I had to drown out the massive digging going on in my back neighbors yard. I have no idea what on earth they are doing in there, but it was bloody loud the entire day.

Today I finished Knit Two today as an audio book. I already have my next audio book picked out - I just need to transfer it to my car. (I only listen to audio books in the car when I'm alone driving). I've now finished 2 audio books and I'm really enjoying it. I find it stimulates my focus, and it's good. I find it more productive than listening to music. Knit Two was not bad. I wouldn't say it was the greatest but it wasn't horrible either. I really wanted to know what happened next, after listening to The Friday Night Knitting Club.

Does anyone have any experience with taking Primrose Oil at the end of their pregnancy? Curious how long you took it for and if you think it worked? I also picked up Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. (Both are natural labor inductors). Primrose is supposed to help soften the cervix (which I've needed medical intervention in the past after my water breaking) and in non-pregnant women, it's used to cure acne (or so I read). Red Raspberry Leaf tea is to help tone your uterus by helping to "focus" your Braxton Hicks contractions. Think of its job as helping your uterus do more effective exercising while you are pregnant. It does not "cause" contractions and can be safely used throughout pregnancy. Thoughts people?

Alright... I'm beyond beat. I had a very challenging evening tonight with my two handsome toddlers. Jamie had Habs tickets for tonight (we won 3-0 against Philly!) and went with our store manager. (No way I'd be able to sit in those seats right now at 34 and a half weeks pregnant). I started out our bedtime routine as normal, at 7:30 pm. My mom decided to show up at the same time to see the boys since she's been away in Florida until today. They were happy to see her, and she thankfully helped me to put them to bed. Well, finally by 8:20 or so, they were in bed. My mom left a few minutes after, yet the called me back to their room about four hundred million and eight five times, finding EVERY excuse in the book to call out to me. I think the last peep I heard from their room (from Mackenzie who must have fallen asleep 2nd) was at about 9:40 pm. This exhausts me. It means, that on nights when Jamie is not home, I cannot have a friend over to hang out - because they just don't stop. They put on a show for whomever is over & then continue it for a long while. When we first moved Mack into Sean's room, they were golden. They went to bed on time, right away, without a peep. I am hoping this is just a phase. It has to be a phase, right? Do they really need 3 blankets each to cover them and MY slippers at the side of Sean's bed, and some certain book to be specifically placed on an angle on the changing table? Like c'mon. This mama is spent. Exhausted by the time they actually do fall asleep - just from the constant being called back to their room. Luckily there have been no scary monsters lately. The "monster spray" my reader Sandra told me about - totally worked a few weeks back. At least the stuff they're "coming up with" and calling me back to their room for, is quite creative, and keeps me curious to hear what they will think of next.....


Tara said...

Excellent progress on the nursery, Robyn! That must feel good. And having been there when the boys are going through their bedtime schtick, all I can say is: hang in there!

sapphireblue said...

Those completed objects are wonderful!

I just finished listening to Knit the Season. Dakota is 19 in that story. I hope you get to listen to it. It goes well with this time of year.

Maureen said...

Hmmm. Seeing how much work you just went through, I might want to sort out the clothes we have and organize them by size too. Good project for the holidays. If I get pregnant, yay, it's all done already! If I don't get pregnant, yay, it's sorted for passing on/donating!

Cache couer looks so great! And the little twisty hat is adorable - and I didnt' think it was too small at all, newborn heads are sooo tiny. My cousin's baby couldn't wear the hat I made until he was probably 45 days old. Heh.

Anie said...

your boxes look just like my overwhelming closet.... I just throw everything in it. 5 years of kids clothing....... ouf!
I love raspberry leaf tea. it's always good for women, pregnancy or not. and for teenage boys, though I forget why.

g-girl said...

well no wonder you didn't want to tackle the nursery. goodness gracious. sorry to hear that you had to brave it alone. :P the twist hat is adorable!!

dawn said...

We had a power outage this week too...how weird. Love the hat and the little wrap, and the fact that they're both BLUE! We've had the same issues with our boys. They don't actually share a room, but when we go camping we usually send the youngest to bed first until he falls asleep. Then Joshua goes to bed after his brother is sleeping. Good luck, and I hope you can find a solution.

Amelah said...

Wow - cant totally see why you were getting anxiety from that nursery!!! I totally would have it too! Glad you were able to make some progress on it!

You should speak to Melanie - she took castor oil or something - trying to remember what it is called and went into labor the same day I believe.

Awesome FO! Love the hat & the Cache Couer for baby! Great job on both!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true!

Anonymous said...

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