Thursday, November 18, 2010

11.18.10 :: 126 weeks old


Mack is 126 weeks old today.


This morning a friend that I've recently reacquainted with after many years, came over. I discovered she crochets. Her late grandparents were friends with my grandparents and she remembers playing with me when we were both young. We hadn't seen each other in years, and then last year while I was at Rhinebeck, my kids attended a birthday party for one of Mack's friends, for his 1st birthday in 2009 and we started talking on facebook after she realized those were my kids. (We have a mutual friend). So we chatted for the longest time and then finally meet up at our mutuals friend's son's 2nd birthday this year. We started catching up at the party and realized we both "stitch". We set a date for a few weeks back to get together, but she got sick and with my anemia (weak immune) she didn't want to get me sick. So we rescheduled for this morning. We chatted & stitched for a good 3 hours. It was nice catching up. She's my age just under 3 months older than me. Her & her husband are both paramedics, and actually, her husband was the first responder on the scene of my grandfather's accident in October 2009. We actually talked a bit about that today - and I can't believe what great progress my grandfather has made from a year & a month ago. Truly a miracle he's still alive with us today. (The photo above she's multi tasking taking a call on her cell phone & crocheting).

Since my friend was also a little worried about my swelling, she brought along her blood pressure kit and took it for me. Everything looked great (PHEW!) She told me not to worry, to put my feet up, crochet/knit & relax. I felt better after she reassured me. If my blood pressure had been high, I would have called my doctor immediately.

I feel like a zombie today. So drained. I tried starting the crochet portion of the teachers gifts for the boys daycare, and I just can't keep focused on it (plus I have to go up a little bit on the hook size). Tomorrow. Tomorrow.

I waited home all day (ok, whom am I kidding, I wasn't going anywhere anyhow, not with this swelling to my very pregnant body) for Staples to deliver my order, as I ordered some more Tyvek envelopes that they do not carry in store, only online - they are my fave to ship stuff in. I also ordered 100 blank thank you cards, so that I can print my updated thank you design that includes baby #3. My lovely & talented friend Cynthia designed this after Mack was born, and I used them for all gifts Mackenzie received after he was born & at his Brit Milah (Bris), etc. Then after, I used them for any Thank you card that I wanted to send from us as a family. I knew I just had to update it for this time, and wanted to be prepared in advance this time. After Mack was born, I think it took me over 2 months to get my thank you cards out - the first time ever in my life that I was that behind on writing them & sending them out. (I think my track record is still my wedding thank you cards - they were in the mail I think 2 days later - ALL of them!) So, I went outside at around 4:30pm toady, because Staples emailed me to be home between 9 am and 5pm. I thought maybe they dropped it and left my parcel at the door. I've been home ALL day, haven't left. At one point there was even 3 of us here (cleaning lady, my crochet buddy & myself). Never heard the doorbell ring either. So I went to see outside. Nothing. I saw that my Suburban was at the bottom of my stairs with a white card size piece of paper. I went to the bottom of my stairs, got the Suburban and the white card to go put into the recycling bin (I don't read it the Suburban). I notice something about the white card and flipped it over. It was a "missed" slip from Staples. Uhm, what?! I missed slip? I don't get it. I've been home all day. Didn't leave once. So I came inside and called the 1-800 number on the card. Spoke to a nice lady, who told me they'll re-deliver tomorrow, but she has no idea what happened. Well, I am going to ask the guy tomorrow what happened, because I don't get it. I was home. Didn't leave. So frustrated. I wanted to test out the brand of note cards I bought to make sure that my new updated thank you cards print nicely on my new printer, just in case I need to send it out to get printed. Luckily I still have time before baby boy's arrival. This behavior, I would totally expect of Canada Post (because they've certainly done this to me before). But NOT of Staples. Hmph! I feel as though people have become so lazy these days. I don't even have many front stairs for him or her to go up, and the items I ordered aren't heavy at all.

Today’s link Love:
- I absolutely love this picture of Nienie’s family. I started to follow (lurk) her blog after seeing her on Oprah after her accident.
- Love this Snow Blossom Hat tutorial.
- Love this nesting doll pattern. (Ravelry Link)


Tara said...

Odd that they'd just assume you weren't in (which is what happened, I guess), especially since they TOLD you to stay home for the delivery!

Maureen said...

That hat is super adorable (in your links)!

Open Roads Mama said...

omg, that is annoying about the non-delivery, I really wonder what he'll tell you tomorrow! I agree on what you said, some people are so lazy, they will not go a tiny bit out of their way to get the job done... awful!
Good to hear your blood pressure was all good today! Hang in there, baby boy will be in your arms in no time!

g-girl said...

the nesting dolls are cute!! hey, i've seen nienie's blog listed on other people's blogs i read. she was on oprah? that sucks that the staples delivery person missed you. that's happened to me before-it's so annoying!

Amelah said...

Got to love delivery people eh!

That is cool that this old friend of yours was able to check your pressure and such - and didn't know her husband was one of the medics that helped save our Grandfather. Thank you to her husband then!