Friday, June 24, 2011

Books, Movie & Tv

Lately, other stuff has been going on, even though I’ve been super busy around here. I managed to finish listening to Thin Rich Pretty by Beth Harbison as an audio book. I thought it was cute, though a little young adult, for me. It’s definite chick literature, but I think on the younger side. It was a nice listen for the car. It jumps a lot from present to 20 years ago when the 3 main characters were at sleep away camp. I started it when I went to Ottawa back in May, and listened to almost half of it on the way there & back. I am now a quarter of the way into Stay by Allie Larkin, which so far, I’m liking, about a girl who ends up buying a puppy on the internet, and it turns out to be a beast German Shepard who only responds to commands in Slovak (where the dog is from). It’s cute. I might not be a dog owner but I grew up with Great Danes, so I appreciate the large dog humor.

On the actual book front I am still reading Husband and Wife by Leah Stewart. I’d say I have just under 100 pages left. I am really enjoying this one, but only find time to read at night just before bed. I am hoping to finish it up soon, I have so many titles I want to read.

Throw out 2011 things in 2011 is now complete, hoping to actually throw out more than 2011 items. I even managed to get it done with half the year to spare! Even though I fell like not that much of a dent has been made on the house, I definitely feel a bit more de-cluttered. We have to do a huge clean-up of the kids toys, now that more birthday gifts have entered the house.

My garden is growing nicely – I will update you with some photos soon – I promise. I still have a few seeds to sow, but quick growing stuff like beans, peas, radish & spinach. Pictures coming quite soon.

I’ve seen some movies lately, mainly on double dates. We went to see Xmen: First Class with the same two friends that we saw Thor with. We already have plans to go see Green Lantern which just came out. X-men was great. I really liked it. They definitely did a good job and left it open for another movie to follow. I could have sworn I’ve seen another movie, but now I’m drawing a blank.

Jamie and I finally finished catching up on Dexter. We are now waiting for the new season to start in September. The show just gets crazier and crazier by the season. I can’t wait to see what the next (and I think last) season of Dexter has to offer. We’re also now catching up and finally on the current season of How I Met your Mother. GREAT show. I’m loving Neil Patrick Harris. I love Josh Radnor and Jason Segal as well, on it. We just started Season 6, which just finished airing in May. We’ll be all caught up before the next season starts in September. What I had no idea, was that Bob Saget is the narrator. I just discovered that upon linking the show now in this post. CRAZY! I didn’t think he was still working (besides some guest appearances on Entourage – which by the way, starts it’s next & final (half) season on July 24th, 2011). Speaking of shows starting up, both Weeds and The Big C start Monday. Looking forward to having some new stuff to watch. Especially since Nurse Jackie just ended (though, we didn’t particularly love this past season, it didn’t have the same appeal that the first season did).


Chris said...

I LOVE Weeds... I just finished season 3 this week! Everyday I channel my inner Nancy Botwin!!! I'm also finishing Nip/Tuck's last season. Didn't think I would like it, but was pleasantly surprised!
Books... I wish we had more hours in a day!

Tara said...

I love audio books. I listen to them while I run, and it just makes time fly :)