Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 28 :: Flowers


Today is day 28 of the 30 Day Photography Challenge, and the challenge is Flowers. I have these growing in my front yard. Not sure if I like them or not, some days I think they’re pretty and some days I think they are almost like a weed.

While I’ve been enjoying the 30 days challenge, I’m kind of glad there’s only 2 days left, I’m kind of challenged out now. The break from daily blogging will be nice. I do still have a bunch of updates to do (garden, knitting, etc…) Stay tuned ~ things have been crazy busy around here lately.


Dawn said...

I just love daisies, and they always make me smile!

Cindy P said...

I love these daisies! This is a beautiful photo!

sapphireblue said...

At least you can say that you have stuck with it, and you have very nice photos to show for it.

Those flowers are cutie boo.

Anonymous said...

Those daisies are beautiful! The way you captured the light makes them appear vintage. :) I have some growing in the cracks of my sidewalks, so I see what you're saying about them being weed-like; however, they're just too pretty to walk on, and I continue to walk around them.