Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Morning Link Love

Today's Link Love:
- This Watermelon Shark. I will have to try that at our next party.
- Want to try this stamping idea with the kids.
- I'd love to be able to dress up a wall like this with frames. Must find somewhere in the house to do something like this.
- Love this car lamp idea.
- Love this image.
- These cookie monster cupcakes are hysterical!
- This made me laugh out loud - what a genius idea to fill up something that doesn't fit in your sink.
- Love this reading corner. So relaxing.
- What a neat way to control your herbs so that they don't take over your garden.
- I don't use curling irons, but this is a really neat way to organize them.
- I love this refrigerator snack station idea. Or this one for dry snacks.
- Love this tutorial idea for storing flip flops.
- What a fun family photo.
- This made me laugh!
- I love this necklace!
- Love this diaper clutch tutorial. Bag can be used for sock knitting projects as well!
- Love this business card holder tutorial.
- This is going on the crafting list for Father's Day 2012.
- Very cool perspective.
- This is funny because it is true.
- Loving Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother. We're in the middle of Season 5 right now (Season 6 just ended on tv this May)
- One of my fave movies of all time. Another fave movie.
- Very adorable image idea. (Pray the child doesn't jump on the mirror though!)
- Brilliant necklace holder organizer idea. (towel rack and shower hooks)

Happy Monday!


Maureen said...

I am in love with the watermelon shark. Must make for BBQ. Must arrange a BBQ first so I can show off shark. :plans:

Brilliant idea with the fridge snack station too, I love that. You have the best links, girl!!

My hub bought back my old domain name for Mother's day so I will probably start blogging again - I'll email you when it happens!

Anonymous said...

Awesome links today, Robyn! I love the shark and that reading corner is inspiring, too.

Sandra said...

great links! I always find a new blog or two to read through these. And the shark? Awesome!

Girl Knits said...

You always have the greatest links!

Jennifer said...

seriously - your links are always the best best best!!

g-girl said...

wow! LOVE that watermelon shark. the reading corner is one straight out of a perfect store. the business card holder is cute. what a great flip flop rack!