Saturday, June 25, 2011

That time of the year again


It's that's time of the year again. The boys (every 3 months like clock work) require a haircut. So we made an appointment (on Wednesday, June 15th) with one of my sister's friends, and got the boys their hair cut and the boys got to spend the day at home with me. The time the appointment was, there wasn't enough time after to get them to daycare before nap time.


Usually I just go to my sister's friend (who is cutting Sean's hair) but she only had time to do one of them, so they had someone else cut Mack's hair. She did a good job though, thankfully.


Look at the amount of hair that Sean had...


Don't they look awesome with their new do?

It was also time for our bi-annual dentist check-up. (June 20th, 2011). Sean, Mackenzie and myself all had appointments. The last time we went to the dentist, was 6 days before Quentin arrived.

seanclean mackunsure mackclean

I absolutely LOVE the dental hygienist. She's also a knitter, so we "talk shop" while I'm in the chair. I am actually supposed to look for a cardigan pattern idea for her, I should get on that. Sean went first and Mack watched so that he could see what was going on. The dental hygienist was able to get Mack to have his teeth counted but no cleaning today. Mack chickened out. Next time. He still is quite young, so we'll try again next time.

futurepatient qdentchair dentisttoys

Quentin even got to sit in the dentist chair. This way when it's time for him to go to the dentist, I can show him a picture of when he was 6 months old and sitting in the chair, with smiles. That there is really nothing to it. After their check-up the boys got a prize (toy) from the dentist.


And I got my teeth cleaned too. They did x-rays for me this time, as last time I was 35 weeks pregnant and the time before I wasn't sure if I was pregnant or not. No cavities (ever) either! (Yes, I still got to my pediatric dentist. I actually asked, I am not the eldest patient there, so I don't feel bad!) As long as I don't need dental work and as long as I don't have any issues with my teeth and my dentist is still willing to see me, there is nothing wrong with me going to see him. He might have Kermit The Frog attached to his light above his chair, but I'm a-ok with that. And I don't mind not picking out a toy from the toy bin. I leave that up to my kids, whom I hope have inherited my teeth genes - with no cavities.


Sandra said...

I was 35 when I got my first cavity. Ticked me off to no end!

Maureen said...

Those pictures of Q are adorable. :)

Evie actually enjoys the dentist - her first time I was so impressed, we got cleaned, counted, x-rayed and the whole bit. Amazing. (She didn't much care for the x-ray part though, that's for sure. Then again, I hate that part too. LOL!)

Anonymous said...

Your boys are soooo adorable!!!


Girl Knits said...

Your boys are delicious!

Congrats on no cavities all around.

Dawn said...

I love the fresh new haircuts! Quentin looks so big sitting in the dentists chair!

Anonymous said...

Would you mind sharing where your pediatric dentist is situated? They appear to be sooo nice with kids and grown ups! :P


Knit and Purl Mama said...

Marie, Send me an email at knitpurlmama at gmail dot com, and I will give you their information if you'd like. They're located in the West Island, not sure if that is where you are, or not.

g-girl said...

well, at least mack got as far as having his teeth counted! nice hair cuts. sean's hair was SO long!