Saturday, June 11, 2011

Songfest :: Mackenzie

On Thursday, Mackenzie's class had their class Songfest. (Sean's is next week). It's their "year end" concert. They do it in June because slowly starting in June through September a lot of the kids move up to the next class at the daycare.

All week I was being prepped by Mackenzie's 2 teachers for the worst. Mack knows ALL the songs off by heart, but when they went to practice their show in front of each classroom (there are 4 classes in the daycare) Mack went into hysterics and refused to sing and refused to cooperate and was disrupting the other students in his class. I was told that the coordinator of the daycare had to come and sit on the side and if Mack was causing trouble, she's take him and calm him down. I was told that I'd have to sit in a certain spot, and if he started to cry hysterically, that I'd have to remove Mack from the show and calm him down.


Well, my Mr. Mackaroni surprised the teachers, surprised the coordinator and surprised me! I went in expecting the worst, and he surprised us. He didn't cry once, he sang most of the songs and he danced and did all the actions. (Two other kids who they weren't expecting, threw the hysterical fit and had to be removed from the show). I am so proud of you Mackenzie. You did such a wonderful job.


g-girl said...

i saw the balloons first and thought...bees! that is great that mackenzie surprised everyone and made it through songfest. :)

Girl Knits said...

That is so awesome of Mackenzie! Way to go dude.

Dawn said...

Good job Mack! Such a cutie too!