Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Morning Link Love

- This car window decal is totally me.
- A photography idea to try once we all have shoes with laces.
- Love.
- Home-made photo booth wall - neat!
- Need to do this with my kids every year!
- Again, I'm not a wedding photographer, but I just love this image - I had to share it.
- Love this photo.
- Brilliant! Pancake dispenser!
- I want one of these!
- Wish I had a daughter...
- Adorable kids' birthday party lootbag idea.
- Lego themed birthday party (for when the boys' are older)
- Love these DIY Gummy Candy Skewers.
- ♥♥
- Fun childhood memories.
- Love this necklace! And this ring.
- How cool are these?
- This tshirt is totally me!
- This glass jar is awesome!
- Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
- Wish upon a star.
- Backyard scrabble - what a fun idea!
- Awesome pillows!
- This recipe for Salmon & sun dried tomato alfredo looks delicious. (And totally fattening).
- An idea for next father's day - this awesome Father's Day Bouquet.
- I love these freeze pop holders!
- What a fantastic website! Dear Photograph.
- Need a gift for a dog lover? My siblings and I ordered back in 2008 a dog from this site (though, back when she was on Etsy) for my mother (since she has a Great Dane) and it was an amazing gift.
- I need to make myself some of these baby clothes dividers for Quentin's closet, so I don't miss out on him wearing any of his clothes (some that still have tags on them from when Sean got them as gifts and Mack also never wore (as they were wrong size for the season, etc, or even forgotten about).
- This summer pasta salad recipe looks yummy!
- Love this ring.
- What an awesome calculator.
- Love this patchwork wristlet tutorial.


Firefly said...

Saw this and thought of you!

AMY B said...

Thanks for sharing the link to my pasta recipe! I've been getting lots of hits from your blog :)

Amy B @ Family Feedbag

Girl Knits said...

Love your links!

Chris - Just Being A Mama said...

I love your Link Love posts! And that baggy glass jar is so awesome! What a great (and original) gift idea!

g-girl said...

the pasta looks scrumptious and totally reminds me of the pasta i used to get @ pasta pomodoro. love the glass jar! that is so cool.

Jennifer said...

The clothing label FTW!

PS I WANT that glass jar! So cool!