Saturday, June 25, 2011

Decals & Rainbows


I finally got around to putting my decals on my car. Hubby hasn't seen it yet, hopefully it won't be an issue. Heck, it's my car. I know he takes it once a week to work, but still. My car. Right?


On one side you have the entire Knit & Purl Mama family, complete.


And on the other side, my awesome Knit Girl decal. (If you'd like a Knit Girl, Knitting Nerd or Crochet Girl decal in white or black, please contact me!)


Thursday night while I was out I caught a rainbow. Isn't it stunning?


Sandra said...

I would SERIOUSLY love to get a knit girl decal. What a great way to ensure my hsband never takes my car!! Where can I get a couple - I need one for a prize basket I'm putting together)...

Anonymous said...

i would love a knit girl decal as well, Robyn .. the family one is so cute too .. great idea to put on 'your' car :))


Girl Knits said...

What a great shot of the rainbow!

Love the decal - can you please hook me up with one too! Thanks!

g-girl said...

love the decals!