Friday, June 24, 2011

How We Spent Father’s Day

It's been super busy around here, not stopping for a second! I am trying to catch up on what's been going on around here, so this is how we spent father's day:

After a Bris in the morning, we picked up the kids who slept over at my parent house the night before, a nice birthday gift if I do say so myself. I brought the kids back home and they gave Jamie their gifts:


Quentin got daddy some new polo shirts, Mack got him new mugs to take coffee to work and Sean got him some Star Wars Figurines. Jamie was very pleased.

stongue rbluetongue mbluetongue

Then we headed to the convenience store around the corner for some slushies.


And we stopped at the park on the way home for a bit.

Qswimsuit howmackspenttheday myday

After the park & slushies Jamie wanted to relax on the couch & watch golf, so I took the kids (on the beautiful Sunday afternoon) to my parents house to go for a dip in the pool. Mackenzie received this awesome Cars Pool toy for his birthday and wouldn't get off of it in the pool the entire time he was in.


Sean showed us he has been working on his front float.


And Quentin vegged in the pool in his float. He likes the water & had an entire conversation with his new duck friends.

abouttojump seanair seanair2

Sean is seriously my brave, fearless little fish. He was jumping off the diving board with no floats, and then swam across the deep end to whomever was waiting for him (my brother, father or myself). I couldn't believe it. Fearless! So proud of him. He even let my dad throw him up into the air a few times.


Before dinner, Jamie arrived and so did my in-laws. We all had dinner, and then I was surprised with my birthday gift from my family. It's from Jamie & the kids, as well as my parents and my siblings. Jamie had given me a card on my actual birthday telling me that my present was in 3. First was a gift card to the book store (one of these) and then he said the 2nd part was a surprise (see below) and the 3rd part, he wanted to get me a piece of jewelry, but didn't know what to get me, so he was leaving it up to me. I think I want to design a ring with all 3 of the kids birthstones (Sean December, Mack June and Quentin November) which would include Jamie and I too, as I am June and Jamie's birthday is in December like Sean). Just need to find somewhere to design it and hope that those 3 birthstones don't look hideous together.


So to throw me off, I was given about 10 wrapped gifts. Maybe there is one or two hiding here, I have no idea. There was a lot of useless unwrapping, let me tell you.

30card insaneuseless unlessgift

The looks on my face are priceless. Yes, my mother wrapped a halloween flashlight that she's probably had since the early 90's and bubbles that were bought for my wedding (for the guests to blow bubbles after we were married as we walked back down the aisle, but forgotten about).

boxinsidebox eyepad

And then there was the 2nd part of the gift, which was in box after box. They had me. I wasn't so amused. Though, when I got the end of the boxes, there was a picture of an eye on a pad. Get it? Eye-Pad? I wanted an iPad for my birthday. I've been longing over it for weeks, months even.

I was told that my iPad 2 was ordered and it's estimated ship date is June 30th, 2011 with an estimated arrival of July 5th/6th. I am so excited. I did get email confirmation that it's left apple, and will be here sooner than that. I've already started looking at ipad cozies (to knit) on Ravelry, but I fear that the iPad 2 is a lot smaller than the original iPad, so maybe the cozy will be too big? Does anyone have an iPad 2 and have you knit it a cozy? I keep eying this pattern, but again, fear it'll be too big? I won't start anything until I actually have my new (engraved!) iPad in my hands. BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER! Thank you, thank you!

chocofaceM mackieandibday chocomackaroni

We ended the evening wit ice cream & cake.

chocofacers shycake quentqute

Of course, Mack (hiding in his hands) did not want to be sung happy birthday to, again. I am really starting to think he is not a fan of birthdays. He has on a few occasions now said he doesn't like it and started to cry. Poor guy.


Yet, 2 minutes later, he's silly Mack again.

Hope you all had a great Father's Day. Hope it treated you well & you spoiled the daddies in your life (husbands, your own father, etc).

Stay tuned, still editing photos from our crazy busy week - more posts to come!


sapphireblue said...

Looks like you had a great day.

Dawn said...

Yay you're getting your eye pad lol. I'm sure the waiting for it to arrive is the hardest part. Hmmmm birthstones...mine is Dec too so blue topaz and Nov is yellow topaz I wonder what June is???

Maureen said...

I think I want Jamie to teach my hubby a thing or two about birthday gifts. :)

Looks like a WONDERFUL day! I hope your parcel from me can get there soon.

Tara said...

Well! Looks like someone was spoiled! And deservedly so :) Happy Birthday again, Robyn.

Girl Knits said...

Looks like you had a fantastic Father's Day and birthday celebration.

The gift you are getting from your hubby & parents is awesome! I have an ipad - you will LOVE yours. So much you can do with it. Email me, I'll tell you which apps I love, etc. ENJOY!

Happy Birthday again!

g-girl said...

what a great way to spend father's day! i love how they wrapped a whole bunch of different things for you. :) cute shot of mack's ice cream face and the one of you as with the halloween flashlight. ha! oh no..does mack not like the singing part? and did you decide on your ring?