Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mack is 3!


Mack turned 3 on Friday! Three!


A week and a half ago, he got to celebrate twice in one day.
The first party with a mini golf party with his friends.


Everyone had a good time, especially the birthday boy, have a look:



For his first birthday party, we had a vanilla Disney Cars cake.


After the party with some friends we went back to our house and had family over for the 2nd party of the day. It was filled with more cake, a BBQ dinner and presents:


We had a 2nd cake (chocolate this time) with Transformers on it.



And Mack opened his birthday gifts.


Boy did he get spoiled by friends & family. There was even a few gifts Sean & Quentin in the mix. Lucky them! It seems like a tradition in my family, that even if it's your brother's (or sister's) birthday, you get a small gift to open too. Do you guys do this too for the kids? So they don't feel left out? Doesn't have to be anything big - just a small token.

Wow, I can't believe Mack's 3. He's my birthday buddy, who broke my water on my 27th birthday. (Born on the next day though - June 17th). We are both Geminis (old horoscope system - is the "new" one in effect?) and we both suit being a Gemini. We're slow going on the potty training, but I know we'll get there. Mack knows his entire alphabet, and can count to about 20 now. He even recognizes letters, especially M is for Mack. He surprises us daily with his smarts, and knows how to give us those puppy dog eyes to get us to do what he wants. Happy Third Birthday Mackenzie! We love you!

Mack turned 156 weeks old on my birthday and here's his 3rd birthday/36 month self portrait on June 17th.


g-girl said...

wow, indoor mini golf? awesome! can i tell you the boys are maturing so much in these pictures. score for two cakes and two parties. :) well, of course he's so smart..he's got a smart big brother!

Dawn said...

Looks like a blast! We do the same thing with the little gift for the brother. It seems to keep the jealousy to a minimum.

Tara said...

SUCH a cutie, that kid :) Mini-golf sounds like a fun birthday activity! Maybe we'll do something similar in August for Émilie.