Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Morning Link Love

- This is funny!
- What a genius idea to keep your cereal crunchy!
- Love these tiny polaroid magnets.
- I love this magic circle tutorial - I can never get it right. Now I can!
- Reason 18965412589 I need an iphone.
- Totally logical.
- What a cute way to display pictures in frames.
- Cool idea for pen organization.
- ♥ ♥
- Fun!
- A very cute monthly photography idea for baby. Since I won't be having any more babies I can't try this one.
- Caught in action!
- An awesome print.
- Cute crafty image.
- I am not a wedding photographer but this is cute.
- A wonderful image with great perspective.
- Love.
- Awesome onesie!
- Cute gift idea.
- Crayon holders made from tin fruit cups painted with a glossy paint - clever way to recycle & organize art supplies!
- Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
- Always dance in the rain.
- Love this monogram idea.
- I love gumballs.
- This made me laugh. Very clever.
- I love this camera kids shirt from this shop.
- Two Pampers Point codes: FXHMWY4WKHU47JD for 10 points (expires june 24th) and TWITTERDIPEWIPE for 5 points (expires tonight at 11:59 pm)


lspollock626 said...

LOVE the crayola monogram! I need one for my classroom. LOL@!

hakucho said...

I need one of those cereal bowls!! I HATE soggy cereal ;)

I really enjoyed the Debbie Macomber book in the audio format. Nothing really special, just a nice story and sentiment. I got a bunch more audio books at the library today, plus my middle son let me try down loading(The Friday Night Knit Club) to his MP3 player. I see how I like it and I may just have to get my own player :) The audio books are perfect for knitting and listening!!
Have a great week :)

g-girl said...

love the polaroid magnets! love the clock and that iphone case. i need that sign. lol. hahalove the caught in action shot. love the onesie too!