Tuesday, March 02, 2010

march two

The roofer is coming tomorrow to see the roof and attic. Tomorrow I’ll have more answers on that. It seems that because of our slanted roof, it was super easy for snow to melt off of it, and we’ve been having a few days of mild weather.

I worked today in the office and it seemed as though the day passed by very quickly. Some days are slow and some days pass by very quickly.

This evening I went out with some friends and they made me realize I should come first. That I need to stop pleasing other people and please myself first (myself includes husband & kids). What kind of person are you? Do you take pleasure in pleasing others first before yourself? Do you care what other people think of you or do you not care at all what other people think? I’ve been always one who gives not expecting to receive anything back at all and I’ve started to not care what other people think of me. I feel like maybe my happiness is being compromised because of this. I’ve also realized that I need to cut a lot of stressful crap out of my life. I hope to be doing some major cleaning in my life. It’s just nice to know that there are people in my life who are on the same page that I am in life and who understand me for who I am. (And by same page, I mean both in thought and in path of life (married (or have been married), kids (though this is not a huge part of it, but it does help to have a few friends who are going through tor have gone through he same thing in life that you are), responsibilities, etc). I think these changes will only be good for my mental health. It will also give me more knitting time once I organize time management. I honestly think this will help with a lot more than I think. (Anxieties, Insomnia, that sort of thing).


While I was out this evening, I worked on Sean’s Sweater. So far, it’s coming out as planned.
It’s honestly going to be one heck of a sweater…
I can’t wait for Sean to see it!

I just got noticed that my hotmail sent folder is too full! I didn’t realize that it was backed up from 2007! I started deleting all the oldest emails first, and we’ll see how fast I can clean it up so that I don’t get this issue. I had no idea that they had such a restriction with the amount of sent messages they’d save. I guess it’s taken me 3 years + to find this out though. you know what though, it’s probably a good thing that I should clean out my sent folder. I don’t need any of the sent emails from that long ago anyhow or from today for that matter. For emails that are important to be kept, I would definitely take precautions to make sure that they do get kept.


Chrisknits said...

Is it a phase of the moon or something? I have been realizing that my "I'll help" attitude is piling my plate of responsibility ever higher. Add to that the stress of a high school teacher who is making life hard for my child, which brings out the Momma Bear in me, so there is strife of that order adding on. I have resolved to pare it back to just the necessities. Too bad that doesn't work on the teacher issue.

Big Girl Feet said...

I think everybody totally needs to put themselves and their husband(or wife) & kids first, everybody else can wait or go away is how I look at it. :)) It's not wrong to not care what other people think of you either, my favorite quote lately is "Be who you are and say what you feel, as those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind".
I've come to realize that those who mind are just jealous in some way of what you have and will do whatever they can to try to ruin it for you- like making snide comments or talking behind your back, or try to bring you down to their miserable level or whatever- so it's better to just cut them out all together, they're just poison. And that adds extra stress to your life and who needs that!
It's hard but gets easier once you've made the cut- negative, immature, mean, or whatever, people never change so it's better to get rid (or at least reduce contact drastically) for your own sanity and health. And it does affect health, believe me i know! Along with your own relationship with your husband, kids, etc. too in some ways.
I'm here for ya if you need an ear!

g-girl said...

i'm excited for you and your realization. :) this desire to please yourself (hubby and kids included) is going to be good for you. once in a while you need to just please you, yourself, and you though (this is what i'm learning!) and that alone is tough. i've always been a person who doesn't care what people think. you kind of have to be if you want to be genuinely happy. you also need to not let other people's crap bug you. it's a hard lesson but it's one worth learning.

Bea said...

I totally love the sweater so far.

I don't care at all what other people think. I do things for me, because I want to, which includes doing things for others and my family because I like that so I get something out of it to. I could care less what others think of that. I've never been one for peer pressure and I've never been one that needed approval. I've basically been independent of my parents since I was 8 (except financially which happened at 18) so I've never had to meet anyone's standards but my own. I'm just me and you have to take me as I am or not at all. I'm with you on surrounding myself with people that think and act and have the same moral compass I do. It helps. I got tired of the immature (adults not kids!) really fast.

Bea said...

I like g-girl's (and Cynthia's) answer too. You can't let other peoples crap bother you. I'm the sounding board for a lot of my friends simply because their crap doesn't bother me. I'm the bright side person. I can see the good in whatever and I'm always able to offer advice from both opinions. I have a friend that I use as my sounding board. She rarely offers advice, but she always offers an ear. When all is said and done she just lets go of what I told her and we move on to some other topic, like comparing our husbands because they are SO alike. Its totally strange.

Amelah said...

U should come first, always [with the exception of ur kids of course - because they are always number 1]. As dad said "when i got married, my wife came first. then i had kids, and they were my #1 priority and my wife came second. then eldest gave me grand kids and they were first, forget the rest" haha good old dad sense of humor.