Thursday, March 04, 2010

march four


I totally forgot these were on my camera from yesterday. When we went to the appointment for Mack’s flu shot Sean wanted to push the stroller. Usually I’d let Mack walk, but I didn’t know how long we’d be waiting for them to call us at the clinic and I really didn’t want to have to chase 2 kids around the waiting room. I kept Mack in the stroller reading a book & having a snack while we waited for the appointment.


Sean was such a good helper pushing his brother.


Here is the progress as of earlier today on Sean’s Sweater.
I’ve made HUGE progress on it since.
That calls for a new photo for you tomorrow.
Sean is going to love this.
I just know it.
Mack will probably want one too, so I’m making notes.


Sean was so cute chillin’ out before bedtime tonight. He had brought up his Thomas the Train couch into my bedroom from the den a few days ago and finally decided to use it. Nothing better than kicking your feet up on your own couch and watching some TV before bed. That’s the life…!


I found some really comfortable socks. They’re all I wear now. I got the crew socks though, not these above. I couldn’t find a stock image of the crew ones. (Like anklets). I don’t like tall socks unless they’re hand knit (weird, I know). What is awesome is that a portion of the sales of the purchase of the socks will be donated by B2 Fashions to the Breast Cancer Society of Canada. I love these socks, they’re so smooth on your feet. I like feeling comfort when wearing socks. I have them all mainly in black but I picked up one pack that had 1 white, 1 black & 1 grey pair in it. I really needed to replace the socks that I had, because they were all started to get holes.

I had the luxury today to take a 45 minute bubble bath. For the first part of my bath, I let the water run until the tub was full, (it’s amazing how long it took to completely fill that tub) so that I could adjust the water to keep it warm. I read some more in the book I am currently reading. I’m about 200 pages in now (out of almost 700 pages). I’m enjoying it. Nothing like good chick lit. After the bath, I still wasn’t feeling 100%, so I set my alarm and took an almost hour nap. I felt so much better after that. I wish I could have napped longer, but I had to go get the kids from daycare. I am really glad I took that nap though. I’m also grateful that I had the luxury to do so today.


g-girl said...

how cute is sean pushing back in the stroller?? :) i can't wait to see how sean's sweater is coming along! i'm glad you're taking notes for mack's future sweater too. :)glad you were able to have a relaxing bath! sounds nice. :)

Bea said...

You're funny. The only socks I ever wear are the ones that I've knit! I don't need to buy others because I have an overflowing drawer!

Your bath and nap sound really great. Considering a bath before bed now...

IrishGirl said...

Hey Robyn, check this out if you are still looking for swim's only for today though.

Love the sweater,

Amelah said...

Sean looks like such a big boy pushing his bro. They are growing too fast.

Glad you go to enjoy a nice long bubble bath.