Friday, March 19, 2010

march nineteen


I’ve finished the front of Sean’s sweater. It’s currently dry blocking. I’ll probably wet block the front & back before I do the neck ribbing (the neck is still on a live cable).

So after leaving work today, I picked up the kids from daycare and took them to the park. It was a little chilly for 14C, but we had fun nonetheless. I cast on the first sleeve for Sean’s sweater while the kids were digging in the sand.

Mack wants to show you he likes baseball.


He sat there at one point making faces at me. Not sure if he just wanted to be photographed, but it was so cute.

I love his little faces. That’s what life’s all about.

Sean pointed out every airplane & bird that flew by. Very observant child.

And had fun jumping high to the sky.

Such a sweet boy.

This evening I worked on the sleeve for Sean’s sweater, working out the details on how to place the stripes. I think it’s going to work out just perfectly. Stay tuned, it’ll be finished before you know it. I’m hoping he gets to wear it to school this upcoming week, as he’s been telling his teachers all about it.


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Anonymous said...

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Bea said...

Park looks so fun. I love the expressions on Mack's face. Also the sweater looks fabulous.

Tara said...

Mack's the bees knees! Such a cutie :)

g-girl said...

the front of sean's sweater looks great!!! how exciting. love the shot of sean jumping and mack's cute faces that he was making at you. :)

Amelah said...

Love the front. Looks good. Very creative.

Love the facial expressions on Mack!