Friday, March 05, 2010

march five


Sean’s sweater is coming along very nicely. I am already at the top of the motif. I was going to do a “03” on the back, but according to my husband no jerseys in the NHL have 0 in front of the number. So if it’s 3, it’s 3, not 03. I thought the jersey looked a little empty with just one number in the middle, so I changed it to have two number 3’s. Sean only picked this number because that’s his age. I’m doing his sweater in size 3-4T so he can still wear it for a while. This is actually knitting up a lot faster than I thought it would be. So because of that, I’ve been thinking about what’s next.

What’s next you ask? Well, my skein of Vvs Painted Yarn that I have one skein of, with a total of 260 yards. It’s DK weight. So I’ve been looking for one skein DK weight projects. I’ve got a few that I could use DK for, but they’d look better in a solid colorway, not a hand painted multi colored one. This skein has been marinating in my stash for 4 years now (since 2006). Time to use it! Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

- Porom (hat), DK weight, 180 - 200 yards.
- Everglade (hat), DK weight, 260 yards
- 198 yards of Heaven (shawl), Aran Weight, 198 - 220 yards
- La Novia (scarf), DK Weight, 240 - 250 yards

Though, if you have a better idea of what you think I should use this skein for, please share your thoughts.

Mack’s started saying the word “NO” lately. Overnight’s he’s transformed from my baby to this toddler who has opinions & thoughts. I can’t believe how fast he’s growing. He’ll be 2 before I know it. June will be here before I know it. Time is flying way too fast. I also love that he can count to 3. He’s really not a baby anymore and that makes me very sad.

Wow, it’s been a busy week. And I mean busy. Constant on the go. This to do, that to do, this to take care of, juggling this, juggling that. Being a mom of not one but 2 children is a 24 hour job. I love it, even if it means worrying about them 24 hours a day, even when I’m sleeping. Most nights, I feel like I’m sleeping with 1 eye open, just in case something happens. This week really flew by super quickly. I guess time flies when you’re having fun. The last few days have been very cleansing. Thank you all for all your support on helping me realize that I really shouldn’t care what other people think. (And this is not an insecurity issue, because I’m 150% secure & confident with who I am, it’s more of a pleasing other people situation). I’m done with always saying Yes to people. Sometimes No has to do, whether the other person asking for whatever it is they are asking for, likes to hear it or not. It could even be for the smallest, silliest little thing. I am starting to think of my household first, in as much of a non-selfish way as possible. I really need to make a healthy environment for myself (husband included) & my children, and rid of all negativity & bad vibes. It’s much better to live in a happier place. I’ve also stepped back from the computer a bit, apparently I use it too much. When you overhear your husband asking your son “Where’s mommy?” and your son responds “In her office at her computer” you know it’s time to step back and start spending more time away from the thing. I won’t stop blogging… blogging is my journal, and I’ve been journaling since the 6th grade. (I still have all my old paper & pen journals in storage). Blogging is my digital journaling instead of paper & pen. I’m just going to stop spending too much time in front of my computer. I’ve also deleted a whole bunch of blogs off my bloglines. Honestly, with 2 kids and work, I just don’t have the time to read that many blogs anymore. There were a ton that weren’t inspiring anymore, so I cleaned up the list. I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning, and it’s really good mentally. It’s like I read in “Throw out Fifty Things” last year, it’s very important to get rid of mental clutter in your life. There’s both physical & mental. And to de-clutter them both is a very good decision.

I’m excited for a jam packed weekend! Birthday parties & time with friends. The next few weeks are busy ones, but that’s always the case in the spring. I’ve already pulled out my spring jacket & I’ve been wearing shoes instead of boots. I was longing badly for this time. I think it’s *almost* time to put away my boots. I’ll keep them out just in case, but I don’t plan to use them, unless I really really have to.

Ahhh, breathe in… breathe out…


Caroline said...

I can't believe how quickly you're knitting that sweater! It's looking good!

Bea said...

Congrats on moving from boots to shoes. Also that sweater looks awesome. I think 33 was a good call.

Chrisknits said...

We are arriving at the same place right now. I am back on saying No. But beware, it waxes and wanes. I have been through many of these stages in my life. What triggers them? Joining new groups, your children's changing phases in life and life. I do like your comment on getting rid of the mental clutter. I am constantly fighting the memories of the mix-ups and mistakes of my past. I need to finally let them go. They just serve to bring me down. Good luck with your goals.

Anonymous said...

The sweater is looking awesome. Great job!

kate-the-enabler said...

Hey Robyn :)
Sean's sweater is looking great - can't wait to see it on him - I bet he'll be beyond thrilled with it.
I know what you mean about how startling it is when the little ones turn into opinionated little boys 'overnight' - I think it's more of a shock too with the younger ones somehow because I was much less 'ready' for it, when Liam started having opinions etc.
As for your beautiful skein...have you seen the new pattern that Wendy Bernard (Knit and Tonic) has just brought out? She's designed it for those 'special single skeins' that people have lying around and I rather think it would suit you... just a thought ;)

Amelah said...

The sweater is looking good. Can not wait to see Sean in it!! He is going to love it. Ur so talented to design that from scratch.

Lindsay said...

Since you and your family are habs fans, the number 33 works out! Patrick Roy was 33 and Sean is into goalies, isn't he? The sweater looks fantastic!

g-girl said...

yeah, that's bad if sean can tell jamie to find you in front of the computer! i've sort of been trying to spend less time in front of a computer screen too..and also weeding out the bad. ;)