Sunday, March 28, 2010

march twenty-eight :: 39 months old

Sean is 39 months old today!

The flowers that my step-mother-in-law brought me on Friday have finally blossomed. They’re so pretty. They’ll be on the Passover table on Monday night. I think they’ll add a nice touch.


This afternoon Sean & I played some cards. He wanted to play poker. Since you can’t exactly get a 3 year old to understand poker, I had to invent a game. We took 2 decks. Sean’s idea was to separate and each get a color. So for round one I had all the red cards (hearts & diamonds) and he had all the black cards (spades & clubs). Then we shuffled the cards we had. We flipped them one by one and whomever had the higher card got a poker chip. At the end, whomever had the most poker chips, won. It was fun. We played two rounds, the 2nd row we switched the color of cards so I had the black ones and he had the red ones. It was fun.


I’ve finished a few more babette squares. (Actually made a few more tonight but I’ll have to photograph those with daylight tomorrow). I love these little squares. They crochet up so quickly.


I cast on for a pair of socks for a swap pal. She’s not a knitter (she crochets) and no one has ever hand knit her anything. I am not going to say what swap this is for, just in case she happens to stumble upon my blog – though it’s a secret swap, she doesn’t know I have her. I’m using some yarn that was one of my 2008 sock club kits. I can’t tell Jamie that I’m making these, as I have some socks for him that (I owe him from Christmas 2009) that are just barely started.

I’ve also crochet a few dish cloths today for my step-mother-in-law. She had requested some on Friday, and I managed to get 2 done. I want to make at least one more, time permitting – before tomorrow’s seder. I want to be able to give them to her then.

Last weekend Jamie & I cleaned out our Tupperware drawer. Anything that didn’t have a lid or lids that didn’t have a bottom, were chucked. It’s amazing how many pieces we had that didn’t have a mate. I am telling you – because we put everything back into the 2 tupperwear drawers (smaller ones in one and larger ones in another), my life this week has been so much easier. No more frustration trying to find tupperwear lids to match what you’re trying to store. Ahh, spring cleaning has been good mentally too!

Tonight I switched Mack’s wardrobe over from size 18 months to size 24 months / size 2. No more baby… he’s a big boy now. I can’t believe he’s a toddler now. He’s been a toddler for a while, but he was still my baby. No more. The kid talks now. He understands and answers back. He has opinions. When did my baby grow up? I can’t believe how much clothes he has though. I won’t need to do his laundry at least for the next month & a half. I never even realized Sean had this much in size 2/24 months. Though, I do have to say there is new stuff that was put into Mack’s closet that was gifts for Mack. So that added to it. Well, he’ll for sure be one well dressed kid. No doubt about that.


kim said...

My son Logan loves to play made up card games too love the babette squares, I'd like to make that someday as well.

Tara said...

Oh God, don't wait a month to do laundry, can you imagine?!?!?!?!? Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!

Big Girl Feet said...

Awww how cute about the poker!!
And love your babette squares, I can't wait to see them all sewn together!

g-girl said...

pretty daffodils! great shot of you and sean too. i love that he wanted to play poker!! okay mum's the word on the socks you're making for your swap partner!

Bea said...

Your poker game sounds really fun. You've gotten me addicted to the babette squares now. Mine are smaller then yours though because I only did four rounds. Ugh. We found a broken container the other day and Chris just wanted to throw away the container and keep the case we needed it. I went back later and ditched it.

I can't wait to meet Mack!!! So excited!!