Monday, March 15, 2010

march fifteen :: 167 weeks old


Sean is 167 weeks old today.

Sean had his last swim class of the current session today. The next session starts up again next week and it’s the same 2 girls (sisters) in his class with the same swim teacher, the lovely Dana. I really like Dana, she’s super good with the kids.

Today after swim class I went to go buy a drink at the machine that is in the arena next to the pool area. I didn’t know how much drinks were, and I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough change. This is the adorable conversation I had with

Sean:Sean: “Mommy, you’re not buying a drink today?”
Mommy: “No Sean, I only have 1 coin and I need 2 to buy the drink and this machine doesn’t take paper money”.
Sean: “Next week I’ll bring my piggy bank & I’ll buy you a drink mommy”.
Mommy: “That is very sweet of you Sean, do you think you have enough money to buy me a drink?”
Sean: “I have lots of monies, and when daddy gets home from work he’ll have more in his pocket”.


This afternoon after I picked up the kids from daycare it was so nice out, that I took them for a walk. After our walk, we stopped at the park in front of our house to play for a bit until Jamie got home from work.

They played on the slide.


They got a kick out of going down the slide together (well, as best as they could).

Eventually they got the hang of going down together.


But Mackie just couldn’t stop going down the slide. He was having a blast.


Sean stopped in his tracks when he saw the kid who lives across the park from us in our circle playing hockey with his friend. Oh, did he was to go run over and play too. I pretty much had to hold him back. Soon enough he’ll be big enough to play with them too.

So he distracted himself by climbing.


Sean has no fear of heights.

This evening I worked on Sean’s Sweater. I’m making good progress on it, especially after all that ripping back I had to do yesterday. I probably can get the front done tomorrow and then start on the sleeve son Wednesday. That’s the plan anyhow. Tonight was a relaxing evening catching up on some tv watching with Jamie. Sometimes a quiet evening is just what we need. I’ll never say no to extra/relaxing knitting time. I really want to get it to him already, he’s even told his teachers today that his mommy is knitting him a Team Canada Jersey Sweater and they were telling me all about what he was telling them today. Very cute. I told Jamie about this when he got home from work and apparently he saw the back of his sweater blocking in our bedroom this morning (I have it in my walk-in closet so the kids & cat don’t go near it) and he saw this morning and told Jamie “look daddy, is that my sweater? for me? really? mommy’s making that for me?”… Oh, he’ll be in heaven when it’s done. I can just picture the look on his face when he sees it done for the first time.

I’m still up because I wanted to make sure that I got my photo order in before the sale ended at midnight. I just just just got it in, in the knick of time. (I’m a procrastinator sometimes, trying to work on that). I really didn’t want to miss the .10¢ print sale as I have been waiting for one for a while now since I missed one at Costco just two weeks ago than ran for 2 weeks even, and I didn’t find myself organized to get them printed then. (I was actually waiting for 3 pictures that a friend took that I wanted to include in the photo order, but she was out of town, and then couldn’t find them upon returning from her trip. She actually just found them on 2 days ago, just in time for this 2 day print sale (yesterday & today). I can’t wait to get my photos back. I have some empty frames waiting for some of the images. It feels good to be finally up-to-date on my photo printing.


Amelah said...

Aw that is sweet of Sean to want to buy you a drink!

This summer at mom and dad's we can play street, and by street i mean driveway hockey with Sean! Mack too!

U should video tape Sean's reaction when you give him the sweater!

elizabeth said...

That is so sweet! Aren't little boys the best?!?! He is going to LOVE his sweater!

Big Girl Feet said...

Your little guys are so cute!!

Manicmag said...

I am confused. Is it the front or the back of the sweater blocking in your closet?
I thought it was the back, but you write front.
Did you finish the front? Post pictures i am dying to see it!!

Tara said...

I'm pretending there aren't any pictures to print, heh. Last time I had some printed up was probably a year ago. Gah!!!

Knit Girl said...

The park looks like a lot of fun!

You're so lucky to have one in front of your house!

g-girl said...

cute conversation with sean. :) ohhh, he is completely stopped in his tracks as he watched those boys playing hockey. :) it's going to be like christmas all over again when you present him with his finished sweater!