Saturday, March 20, 2010

march twenty

Had a wonderful day today. We kind of overslept though, and Jamie was a little late to a meeting he had this morning. So I took the kids to the den and we played a bit and watched some I, Spy, their new fave DVD (which we got from the library). It’s so nice to just relax with the kids on the couch. I had a cute conversation with Sean again this morning:

Sean: “I don’t have to go to school today?”
Me: “No Sean, it’s the weekend, you get to stay home. If you want, you can even stay in your pjs”.
Sean: “Daddy’s not lucky, he can’t stay in his pyjamas, he has to go to work today”.

Yeah, daddy wasn’t so lucky this morning. But on most weekends there aren’t meetings at 9 am.

This evening the kids went to my parents to sleep over (I can sleep in tomorrow morning guilt free. I am rather excited about that.) and Jamie had hockey tonight, so I had some friends over for some Sangria & knitting/crochet. We had some good laughs, as always. I’m actually kind of glad that the kids weren’t home tonight, as they would have probably woken up from our girly giggling. Sometimes it’s just nice to laugh really hard. After all, laughter is the best medicine, right?

I worked on sleeve number 1 tonight of Sean’s sweater, and managed to finish it. It required some tweaking and some math. That’s okay, hopefully it’ll all work out. Since Sean wasn’t home (and would have been sleeping anyhow, had he been home), I measured it up to one of his sweaters and it seems great in length and I’m hoping wide enough. I will only be able to “try it on him” tomorrow. I did cast on sleeve number 2, and ribbed a few rows, but I think now I’ll wait until he gets home to make sure it fits before going on any further on the 2nd sleeve. Once the sleeves are sorted out and done, I just have to do the neck ribbing (joining both the back & front together) and then it’s all done after some seaming. If sleeve number 1 does fit, then maybe I can be done the sweater tomorrow night. Not making any promises, but just maybe.

Since I didn’t go to the concert this evening, I sit here belting out Bon Jovi, because the kids aren’t home & I can(!). Though, had I known in advance, I would have maybe tried to get tickets. Oh well, maybe next time. If there is ever a next time. Bon Jovi was there throughout my entire teenage years. Oh yea!


Bea said...

Knit night at your house looks fun! Laughter is excellent medicine I think.

Bea said...

Also only one month to go!!

Big Girl Feet said...

Very nice! I can't wait to knit with you and have a good giggle!

Tara said...

Glad you enjoyed your ladies night! Knitting and Sangria sounds like an awesome combo to me :)

g-girl said...

so is the sweater now complete??

Amelah said...

Yeah Jamie was not the only one who was late LOL Marc [St Leo] got back from vacation friday night and never changed his clock! He thought he was going to be on time, turns out he was an hour late! Oops!