Friday, March 26, 2010

march twenty-six


Pattern: Team Canada Sweater
For: Sean (though it’ll go to Mackenzie & I’m going to knit Sean a larger size)
Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash in Red & White.
Needles: US 5 & US 6
Size: 3-4T
Timeline: March 1-25, 2010
Modifications: My own design!
Opinion: I love it. Sean loves it. There’s not much wiggle room to wear a t-shirt under, so I’m going to give this one to Mack as Sean won’t fit into it in the fall, and knit a larger one for Sean. Now that I have all my notes, I can easily do a 2nd sweater.

I’m so very proud of my first sweater design!
It was worth all the bumps I hit along the way.
Thank you to my knit friends for the encouragement to continue with it.
There are times when I wasn’t sure what to do next or what I was doing next.
I really am grateful for those who nudged me along.
I managed to get this done in less than a month!


Sean loves it.

As you can see, it just just just fits him.
Though, I don’t mind knitting it again in a larger size for him.
It was a fun knit, and it gives me the chance to test knit it again for the PDF I am putting together.


Today I baked up a storm with my step-mother-in-law. Passover is next week and I’m hosting the first night at my house with my husband’s family. It’s my first time doing this, so I had my step-mother-in-law come over to bake with me today. She’s also never prepared a Passover dinner, so we learned together, which was nice. She’s cooked variations of what we’ve made today before, but not “kosher for passover” style.

We made a brisket, passover schnitzel, candy carrots (tsimmis), charoses (a passover apple & nut dish), meat sauce (for dinner & lots to freeze for future dinners (this is not for the dinner on Monday night, but I did make it with matzoh meal so it’s kosher for passover), and 2 different types of mandel bread. The first, we made a batch that is kosher for passover, to take to my parents house on Tuesday night. The second batch of mandel bread that we made was with regular flour and not for passover. It was for dessert tonight, as my father-in-law joined us after work. I made enough for tonight & for tomorrow evening’s dessert as well. MMmmm, delicious! I feel like I’m forgetting something we made today, but I think I mentioned everything. It was quite the productive day! We got started early morning and finished late afternoon. We also made a mid-day run to the grocery store. It smells absolutely delicious in my house!

My feet are killing for standing on my feet all day baking, so I think I’m going to go crawl into bed with my book & get closer to the end of the book! I’m dying to finish it already. It’s really cute but there are other books on my shelves calling my name to be read already.


Tara said...

Wow, the sweater looks AWESOME!!!! Doesn't he look happy too, eh? Well done!

Bea said...

OH my gosh. He looks awesome in the sweater. So cute! You knit a second and both boys can have sweaters :) Wow you guys did cook up a storm.

Amelah said...

Sean [and Mack too] are lucky to have a mom like you! I could just imagine the look on Sean's face when you showed it to him, and then when he put it on! So did he sleep in it last night as predicted? Should I expect to see him wearing it at dinner next week for Passover!? Look forward to seeing him in it!!! Looks good, job well done.

kristo said...

Wow, Sean's sweater turned out GREAT!!! I actually love the way it fits him, it reminds me of the orinial hockey jerseys! So cute.

Kim said...

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elizabeth said...

The sweater is ADORABLE!!! Will the second one be the same color?

It's really interesting to read about your Passover preparations - such a rich history (and it doesn't hurt that so much food is involved - yum!)!

kim said...

Wow!! The sweater turned out great!!

g-girl said...

congrats on completing your first sweater design! it looks great. mack is going to love it. lucy for sean you can whip up another one just as quickly as you made the first one. wow-i was getting hungry just reading about all the food you and your step mil prepared for Seder. :)