Saturday, March 13, 2010

march thirteen

This morning we headed out the door to be at soccer registration for 10 am. I’m officially a soccer mom! (Where’s my mini van?) Sean starts soccer this June until August for 1 hour every Saturday morning. He has one (maybe two – waiting to find out) friends on his team (ok, their mommy is my friend), so that’ll be nice. The league provides us with the uniform (shirt, shorts & socks) and we need to provide the sneakers (does not have to be cleats at this age) and the shin guards (if we could find in the child’s size – which we did this morning while running errands). I can’t wait for Sean to play soccer. He needs this outlet to release his energy!

After running our errands we decided to try Boston Pizza for lunch. Sean’s fever was gone when he woke up this morning, so we chanced it. I was worried if we pushed it too much that his fever might come back late afternoon (fever usually likes to come out to play around 5pm).


We all really enjoyed Boston Pizza. A lot. They have Whole Wheat Pizza on the menu, which I had NO idea! My new fave place & guess what? They deliver!!! This news totally made my day. (Doesn’t take much!) Until tomorrow kids eat free with the purchase of an adult meal, which was kind of a bonus. Not only was it free, but it came with a drink, a dessert & a surprise gift! (Sean chose a top & Mack chose a little ball with a happy face on it).

This afternoon I did some work while Mack napped. Sean refused to nap, as usual. Though, he really does become super cranky when he doesn’t nap on weekends and I really need to come up with another solution so that come late afternoon I don’t have a cranky child on my hands.

This evening Jamie had hockey so I had some friends over for some more Sangria. (I think my friends are using me for my tasty alcoholic drink expertise). I finally got up the courage to finish working on the logo for Sean’s Team Canada Jersey Sweater, and it actually looks fantastic. I started knitting the front tonight and got the point just before the chart color work tonight. I’ll continue working further on it tomorrow. Once the front is done I just have the sleeves to do and the neck ribbing to join the back & front together. I cannot wait to see Sean’s face when it’s all done and he can finally wear it. He’ll freak in excitement, I just know it.

This week I really need to take a chill week. Catch up on some tv shows on my PVR, read some more, just hang out. I’ve been running around so much lately, and it’s time to chill back & relax. It’s just about what the doctor ordered. Sound good?


Lisa (JeepGirl) said...

Robyn -

Your family is adorable! After seeing you & your hubby - it is no wonder!!! :hugs:

Amelah said...

Can't wait to go and watch Sean play some soccer!!!

Big Girl Feet said...

Awww! And when you come we can make sangria! A friend of mine makes a white one with peaches and mangoes- sooo good!!

Tara said...

I'm a soccer mom too!!!! Émilie is signed up to start at the end of May, twice a week. Sweet!!!

Bea said...

Yay for soccer! I know you'll be thankful if he can run some of that energy out. Boston Pizza sounds like a good place.

g-girl said...

so glad you found your own local pizza place with whole wheat pizza crust!!!! soccer is going to be great for sean! exciting!