Wednesday, March 03, 2010

march three :: 89 weeks old


Mack is 89 weeks old today.


I kept both kids home today from daycare. Mack had his 2nd dose of flu shot today, so I spent the day with both boys. It was really nice. We coloured and watched some tv, and ran some errands.


One of the errands was to return bottle cans to the grocery store. Each can is about .05¢, unless you put in a beer can, it’s a little bit more (we had one beer can in there, which someone drank & left at our house – we’re not huge beer drinkers). Sean had a field day putting in all the cans into the machine. It gives you a green light to enter them (like green for go) and a red light while it’s processing the can. Sean was excited playing the red light/green light game. I should remember this for next time. I swear, it’s an activity to keep him occupied. Good to remember. The basket height was tall enough for him to stay seated in the child section of the basket, and put the cans in. I would have broken my back if I had to hold him up for 12$ worth of cans at .05¢ a piece. (I’ve been having some back pains in my lower middle back for about 2 weeks now… trying to fix it and figure out where it started from). Some days are really painful to sit/drive. There was a day last week that I am not sure how I made it home from work. I was in that much pain.


After getting some groceries, dropping off some parcels at UPS for work and all that fun stuff, it was time to go home. The kids were getting restless, as they hadn’t napped today at all. Next time, mental note, do NOT schedule a vaccine or doctor’s appointment during Mack’s naptime. He didn’t nap today, and he’s usually a good napper, so this just threw him off completely. Cranky children are not fun at dinner time. Food gets thrown, not eaten. Thank heavens my house is getting cleaned tomorrow. It looks as though a tornado hit my house.

The roofer came by today to check things out. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with me roof. This is fantastic news. However, there is a ton of things that needs repairing in my attic, that the contractor didn’t even know about, so we’ll have to take care of that, and it looks like it will cost us a bit more than it would have if it were just the roof and the attic needing the repairs we were already aware about… but we need to take care of this as soon as possible. Apparently we’re losing a lot of heat and once this is fixed, we should definitely notice our heating bill to reduce drastically over the next year. The water in the attic which caused the mould (which is NOT anywhere as bad as we thought it was) is due to escaping heat and it forming into ice on our roof and something else about condensation. He explained it to me but with the 2 kids running around the house sitting on each other, I didn’t catch everything he was trying to explain to me. In any case, he wrote down names of guys in case I needed it if my contractor is unable to do any part of the work that we need done. We also discovered that the plumbing stack (for the plumbing for the entire house) should be vented outside, but whomever did work up there broke the stack and now it’s venting in our attic. (Which equals even more condensation). We’re going to be getting this all fixed. As soon as possible. There’s also a hole in the attic, which had insulation thrown over it (to hide it probably) and that hole in the floor of the attic looks right into our furnace room which is in the basement (4 floors below). Fun. This is also letting heat escape. The guy went up there and took a picture of what was in my furnace room, to show me that he can see right down there.

This evening I hung out with Jamie and worked on Sean’s sweater. It’s coming along nicely. It’s my first time working from a chart and it’s my own design, so that’s fun too. Though I’m not too fond of all the pencil that is rubbing off on my hand. I think I’m going to make a photocopy of the page just so I can mark it up how I want, and not have to worry about pencil smearing all over my hand. I usually write out everything from the chart, before I start to knit, but this time, I’m using the chart. I kind of like that though. It’s interesting, but I am able to keep my place. I’ll show you progress of the sweater tomorrow.

I have a book that I am looking for. If anyone has it and are done with it, can you please let me know, maybe we can work out a swap or something? Or I could just borrow it. It’s not available from my 2 local places I order from ( & and my local library doesn’t have it either.  The book title is:- The Go-To Girl by Louise Bagshawe.

This cleansing in my life is starting to make me feel a lot better about life. I’m starting to feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulder. It’s coming all together now, and I’m not sure why I didn’t wake up a long time ago. I think in order to really come full circle I’m going to cut out a lot of things that I’ve been doing as well, just to bring me back to a calm & peaceful place. All the running around I’ve been doing, has really caught up to me and has made me really exhausted. I need to take a step back & relax. Bring life back to a place where it was more simple. It’s only what’s best for my health.


g-girl said...

i feel relaxed now just reading that last paragraph of this post! sorry to hear about your back-i've been having weird back pains as well. glad to hear nothing is wrong with your roof and that everything is fixable. it's just going to take time.

Manicmag said...

No use stressing over would-of, should-of, could-of. You were not ready to de-stress before, hence you didn't.
Just be grateful that the moment has arrived and you are on your way to being happier and more relaxed.

Bea said...

OH yeah, the back pains. You didn't accidentally pinch a nerve or something? I rotated my tail bone in college and it was like I could barely walk or sit without screaming pain.

Bea said...

They have used copies on the paperbackswap website. I'd be happy to order it for you if you want.

PS I left you a little blog don't have to participate if you don't want...

Amelah said...

Sucks about the back pain. Hope it goes away. Good thing there is not much wrong with the roof.